How to create a cowboy look worthy of the United States?

In recent years, the western trend has made a big comeback in fashion. This style is worn by all genders and all generations. The cowboy or cowgirl look is easy to achieve. To do this, you just need to choose the right parts. Discover here some tips for creating a cowboy look worthy of the United States.

Select the right clothes

To put together a good cowboy look, it is important to select the right clothing . First of all, you need to consider the material of the parts. It is advisable to turn to noble and durable fabrics such as roots fabric, jeans and denim. As another material, you can turn to leather, tartan or suede.

As basic clothing for a western look, choose a checked shirt and pants topped with a traditional American belt . These pieces are the basic clothing. In addition to these items, you can add a vest, jacket and poncho. To accentuate the western side, you can turn to fringed clothing. Also, it is advisable to favor quality parts . This will give you a real cowboy look.

Acquire the essential accessories

To create a western look, it is essential to acquire the accessories. Indeed, a cowboy style cannot be successful without the use of certain accessories . These include belts, bags, hats and scarves. First of all, a belt for a western style must have an imposing buckle. This allows you to highlight the waist and highlight the pants.

As for the hat, it allows you to dress your face while adding a touch of madness to the outfit. The scarf and the bag also have the same role.

In addition to these accessories, it is recommended to opt for jewelry . This will allow you to personalize your western outfit. As jewelry, you can opt for a necklace, rings, bracelets or trouser chains. All of these elements will allow you to have a good cowboy look.

Choosing the right boots

To create a cowboy look worthy of the United States, it is essential to choose boots . Indeed, boots are one of the essential and indispensable elements in a western style. There are multiple types of boots to suit all styles. It can be a Cuban heel, high shaft, pointed toe or round toe boot. You can then make your choice according to your needs or desires.

In addition, the boot can be made from different materials. These include leather from cow, alligator, elk, buffalo and ostrich. Each of these materials provides a different result. So, depending on the style you want to achieve in your cowboy look, you can choose the right pair of boots. Additionally, boots usually come with laces , making them easier to wear.

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