Wool hat: how to choose it?

Winter is approaching and with it the temperatures are dropping again. So to get through this time of year comfortably, a wool hat is an essential piece. Soft, comfortable and elegant, the wool hat can be an accessory that gives originality to your look.

And if it’s ethically made , even better! On the internet or in stores, you will find a little bit of everything: very good quality hats but also poor quality pieces, with low-cost raw materials.

So to help you choose your wool hat, we are going to give you some advice that we hope will help you. And we will also introduce you to an ethical clothing brand which offers merino wool hats made in France.

What is a quality wool hat?

In our opinion, a wool hat should:

  • Be made of natural material: avoid synthetic materials such as acrylic or polyester. These petroleum-derived materials provide no profit and are only used by clothing brands to lower the cost of production. Result: poor quality clothing. Instead, choose natural materials like wool. And if possible, merino wool , finer than ordinary wool, it also has interesting properties: thermoregulating, merino wool regulates your body temperature by letting your scalp breathe. Antibacterial, it does not let bad odors take hold. In our opinion, a merino wool hat is the best.
  • Be made in France: the country of manufacture is very important. To bring a little ethics into your shopping, we advise you to favor made in France on clothing of this type. We are lucky to have high quality knitting workshops in France, so we might as well take advantage of them! A hat made in France is the assurance of excellent know-how, optimal working conditions and support for local employment.

Where to find a wool hat?

Like you, we often go on the internet to discover young ethical fashion brands . Because in recent years, several committed brands have been created in France and offer eco-responsible clothing . Ecological alternatives to gently change your shopping habits and a way to participate on your scale in changing your consumption model.

Among these ethical clothing brands is Ankore, a young company based in Nantes which offers a beautiful collection of clothing on its e-shop : t-shirts , sweaters , swimsuits, overshirts , and many other beautiful things. Each time, natural and organic materials, or recycled whenever possible. And manufacturing made in France or made in Portugal. Strong commitments to respect sustainable values.

Our favorite: their merino wool hat ! A hat made in France in a beautiful English knit. Available in two colors: green and rust, the hardest part will be choosing. If you are looking for a Christmas gift , look no further, you have found it!

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