Auto parts: should you buy them new or used?

When your car breaks down and you need to change a part, you have the choice between buying new ones or opting for used parts. Are you still doubting your choice? We recommend that you opt for purchasing a new part. Here are the many advantages it offers you.

Why buy new auto parts?

Used parts have the advantage of being less expensive. You can easily find them online or in spare parts or scrapyard stores. However, you should not expect a guarantee for the majority of your purchases or their reliability. Some sellers of these parts carry out checks to assure customers that they are working properly. But despite this, it is common to find faulty parts that will only serve your needs for a short period. Therefore, you will have to buy the same auto part again. This leads to more expensive maintenance and double expenditure.

On the other hand, you may come across used parts that cost more than new ones. The importance of buying new auto parts is found in the quality, reliability and guarantee they offer. This is why more than 82% of French people opt to purchase new parts. They are more expensive but you would not regret your choice as they are also durable and do not require much maintenance. But, it should be noted that you have more luck finding used parts for older cars. Which is almost impossible to find in new ones.

Advantages of new auto parts

New parts offer you guarantees lasting several months. Being designed according to the strict European standard, you are guaranteed to use it for several years. Also, new parts are the assurance of good longevity for your automobile. Indeed, the longevity of a car depends on its maintenance, and this also relates to the spare parts which must be new and compliant when there is a breakdown. When you buy a faulty used part in the car, it can lead to further serious damage. In companies selling new parts, you can find many parts unavailable in auto scrapyards.

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