Which parquet floor to choose from solid, laminated or engineered parquet?

It’s decided, as part of the renovation of your house, that you have chosen a parquet for the floor covering, three possibilities are then offered to you depending on the type of finish, namely the installation method, the price, and the ‘interview. Solid, laminated or laminated parquet. These types of flooring, which can be found in online stores like Parquet Chouette, differ from each other in the style and design it give to the interior of your home.

Laminated or multi-layer parquet

This is a type of parquet consisting mainly of 3 layers of wood glued together. The first is designed with a wear layer of noble wood. The second and third are respectively made up of a softwood layer and plywood. It is this last layer that gives all the charm and beauty of an engineered parquet.

Otherwise called wear layer or facing, its thickness (2 to 6 mm) determines the resistance of the parquet, its resistance, as well as the number of sandings it can undergo. Only the last layer (plywood) will be sanded during maintenance work.

Regarding installation, this type of parquet can be nailed. This installation method instantly disappears in favor of floating installation. In addition, this parquet is more economical and easier to maintain. Furthermore, it can also be glued, to provide stability and good acoustic insulation inside your home. This type of installation easily adapts to heated floors.

Laminate parquet: an easy and inexpensive covering

This type of covering truly imitates the fibers of classic or traditional parquet. Laminate parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings as it offers many advantages. For example, it is less sensitive to everyday wear and tear since it does not scratch easily. In addition, it also rarely stains. However, if there is a stain, laminate flooring can be easily cleaned like tiles.

Furthermore, this type of floor covering is also available in numerous finishes. Smooth or embossed, colored or stylish, patterns taking on the appearance of all wood or other species, it is simply up to you to choose the type of finish that corresponds to the interior design and architecture of your home. For all this, laminate parquet perfectly reproduces wood covering at an affordable price. The coup de grace, new models of laminate parquet imitate not only wood or tiles but also stone, tiles, etc.

Solid parquet flooring, to preserve tradition

Compared to engineered and laminated parquets, solid parquets is the most classic and notably the noblest of floor coverings. Made up mainly of a single wood (oak, bamboo, beech, chestnut) throughout its thickness, this parquet offers you the possibility of playing several shades, with multivariate effects (aged, stained, etc.), and this does not matter whether waxed, bleached or natural.

Among these great advantages, solid parquet flooring offers a better character and above all an authentic and warm atmosphere inside your home. In addition, thanks to its thickness which measures between 1 to 2.5 cm, this parquet truly resists the passage of time. The cream of the crop, can be sanded time and time again. That said, all you have to do is nail it to the ground to give your old covering a new lease of life.

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