How to fight against these 4 learning disorders?

The course of a person’s education considerably influences their professional prospects. Unfortunately, children with learning disabilities are subject to serious academic limitations. They therefore encounter many difficulties throughout their schooling. Find out here how to combat 4 of these most common disorders.

Dyslexia, the most famous learning disorder

People affected by this anomaly have serious difficulty reading. They have a chaotic perception of letters and need time and concentration to decipher written content. This is a real problem for children when we consider the hectic pace of school life.

A child suffering from this disorder can lessen its impact by solidifying his reading foundations. You can help them achieve this by hiring a private tutor like those at GoStudent, who offer private tutoring services and specialize in a specific area.

Dyscalculia, difficult use of numbers

It is a disorder closely linked to the world of numbers. Sufferers experience difficulty performing basic arithmetic operations. They constantly make mistakes and are unable to memorize calculation concepts, whether simple or complex. Some even suffer from a spatial orientation disorder.

Dyscalculia can be combated from primary school. Once the disorder is diagnosed, it is essential to include elements of arithmetic in your child’s daily activities. For example, you can ask him to count objects and then classify them by color, shape, size, etc. In addition, tidying up your room by ordering objects from smallest to largest will develop your geometric skills.

Dysphasia, communication disorder

Dysphasia is a disorder that significantly affects a child’s daily life. It prevents him from communicating correctly and constitutes a real obstacle to his social development. The majority of affected people either have difficulty understanding what those around them say or expressing their thoughts. A minority of people experience these two symptoms simultaneously.

The best way to limit its impact is to contact a specialist. You can opt for a speech therapist, an occupational therapist or even a psychomotor therapist. The main thing is to guarantee complete speech therapy for your child. It is also advisable to use predominantly written learning methods.

Dyspraxia: complicated learning of motor skills

It is a disorder affecting a child’s motor skills. Following a deformation or brain dysfunction, he encounters difficulties when executing intentional movements. This makes him clumsy and puts him in a situation of inferiority compared to other children his age.

The effects of dyspraxia are often confused with those of an intelligence quotient deficiency. This is why it is necessary to call on a neuropsychologist, who can carry out an IQ test before taking any initiative. After confirmation, you can start to consider solutions to simplify the child’s daily life.

One of the most recommended tips by professionals is to highlight each line with a specific color. This makes it easier to differentiate between written elements. It is also advisable to prioritize the use of oral educational systems. This greatly facilitates the learning process.

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