What digital training is for your profile?

Digital professions no longer attract only technology enthusiasts. Whether you are a geek or not, job opportunities are numerous, and career prospects vary. Businesses need to improve their digital communication. To do this, they seek support from IT professionals. From site creation to natural referencing, a diversity of experts must provide their assistance. To meet the expectations of organizations, digital training exists for all profiles!

Bac+2 type digital training

The digital world is constantly changing. To meet constantly changing needs, it is necessary to develop a sense of innovation and continually update what we have learned. To meet the demand of organizations that find themselves facing new challenges, establishments are increasing training offers for all profiles.

This is why for your registration in digital training, you can opt for an apprenticeship in two years after obtaining the baccalaureate. You will quickly be able to enter the professional world. This type of training is particularly suitable for those who have a fairly technical profile. 

BTS and DUT-type courses provide access to the professions of digital technicians. They are preferred by holders of a scientific or technological baccalaureate. As for the BTS SIO (Computer Services for Organizations), it prepares future network managers database administrators, or developers of Internet and mobile applications.

Training in digital professions at a university

Those who want to evolve in the university environment can follow a three-year course which will allow them to obtain a license. They will be able, if they wish, to advance their studies to a master’s degree. Opportunities to join specialized schools after the 3rd year also exist.

At university, courses such as the information and communication license are reserved for those who want to work in web project management, digital marketing, marketing strategy, etc.

Digital training in specialized schools

More and more schools specializing in digital professions are emerging in France. These prepare learners to enter the professional environment. In particular, thanks to the work-study training offers or in-company internships. This allows you to combine practice with theory. Thus, after 3 or 5 years, graduates are operational.

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