Discover Velobecane, the specialist in folding electric bikes

Times change and habits change, but certain traditions seem to never die out. Since its invention, the bicycle has accompanied millions of people on their journeys and appears to be a vehicle favored by all generations. From childhood, the introduction to the bicycle is part of the first learnings carried out as a family, then it is with friends, relatives or colleagues that we begin to pedal along the roads.

However, the pace of our lives has evolved greatly in recent years and so have the technological possibilities. The progression of batteries and materials, coupled with the increase in ecological awareness, has pushed a new player on the road to the forefront: the electric bike . Better yet, this descendant of the Solex now folds in half to accompany us everywhere, in town or the countryside, on transport or in the office. And with Velobecane, you finally have a trusted partner to put your foot on the pedal. Presentation.

The electric bike, the revolution of the little queen

The ecological issues of our time, the saturation of public transport in the city as well as recently the Covid 19 crisis have pushed means of transport considered as alternative to the forefront. Among them, the electric bike is surely the one that has benefited the most from the situation. We have seen town halls offer generous subsidies for purchases and cycle paths are now flourishing on all the roads in France and Navarre.

This unstoppable wave seems to herald the revival of cycling. With expert brands, such as Velobecane, the French brand specializing in electric bikes , more and more of our compatriots are abandoning their cars in favor of this new king of the track. Especially since this brand offers a wide range of electric bikes , whose prices, materials and uses vary greatly in order to satisfy a maximum of urban and country dwellers.

A folding electric bike to make traveling easier

At Velobecane, the emphasis is first placed on product quality in order only to offer electric bikes capable of meeting consumers’ requirements for comfort, speed and ease of use. Their different electric bike models therefore include both functional and comfortable bikes, designed for urban travel, as well as very underground aesthetics including the famous fat bike . And for sports enthusiasts, even mountain bikes are going electric!

Better yet, and to increasingly adapt to the needs of citizens in our era of speed, the leading French electric bike manufacturer has specialized in folding bikes. A real little silent revolution, the folding bike can be assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye, thus becoming a companion on all trips. You can take it on transport to finish journeys in the open air and simply place it in a corner of the office, in complete safety.

The first electric bike manufacturer

If Velobecane is so appreciated, it is first and foremost of course thanks to the diversity of its catalog, the quality of its products and its very efficient customer service. But Velobecane is much more than a supplier of quality products, it is also an activist, participating in the recovery of the French economy in these times of crisis. Located in the North, near Lille, the workshop receives and assembles all the parts for its bicycles to promote cycling culture while promoting national employment.

Aware of the significant investment that a folding or non-folding electric bicycle represents , the first manufacturer of -style electric bicycles pays particular attention to advising its customers in order to enable them to benefit from possible subsidies in their region. In addition, it offers used electric bikes so that everyone can help limit greenhouse gas emissions while rediscovering the joy of pedaling. And even save money by limiting fuel consumption or reducing your car insurance costs to a bare minimum!

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