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What types of base units for your kitchen?

Interior decoration now concerns every room in the house. Thus, the kitchen, once neglected, must be the object of all attention. Its furnishing must be done in such a way as to reconcile aesthetics and functionality. In this perspective, the installation of low furniture optimizes the layout of the premises. However, it is important to choose your kitchen furniture according to your needs. Here are some possible solutions for successfully selecting your floor furniture.

What is low furniture?

Base units are short-height furniture, designed to be installed in a kitchen. They are placed under the worktop to be used for storing kitchen utensils. This piece of furniture can also be placed under a sink or a hob. At the rear, the device has an opening which allows household appliances such as the oven to be fitted. Called crawl space, the opening is also used to pass the various wiring of electrical installations. This type of furniture is especially appreciated for its many functionalities and its discreet design. In addition, it is available in different models and colors. The user will therefore be spoiled for choice when purchasing equipment. However, by focusing on your needs, you are sure to make the ideal choice.

What style of decoration?

Before purchasing a kitchen base unit, you will need to determine the design of your room. There is also no shortage of ideas for a decoration that reflects your own personality . The main thing is to be imaginative enough to create a unique cuisine. Those who love playing with colors can opt for multi-colored floor furniture. The door can, for example, be painted differently from the other parts of the furniture. Single-color devices are rather recommended for sober decors.

Placed or suspended?

The kitchen base unit can simply be placed on the floor or suspended. The first model is higher than the second. It is suitable for spaced rooms. On the other hand, it is wise to hang furniture in smaller kitchens. This allows you to create a small space under the furniture. It can be exploited for other purposes. Very often, the upper part of these models serves directly as a work surface for the cook. These pieces of furniture are also longer than traditional ones. It is therefore suitable for users with a large volume of utensils to store.

Hinged doors or sliding drawers?

Before being aesthetic objects, floor furniture is very functional. Reason why the user must focus on its practicality. In this context, manufacturers provide different types of opening. Those with hinged doors are intended for storing large utensils. However, they keep few objects. Those with sliding drawers tend to be made up of small compartments. They are used to hold glasses, cans and other kitchen utensils. The rail system to which the drawers grip makes them easier to open. In an open or classic kitchen , the choice of a base unit therefore depends on the use you would like to make of it.

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