Corporate goodies: find an inexpensive promotional USB key online

Goodies are essential for every business. They concern the brand’s internal team, partners, customers, prospects and also competitors. While you are looking for a revolutionary item at a low price, consider an advertising USB key.

Find a good value-for-money promotional USB key

It is not always easy to find the best promotional items at low prices. While every business sometimes has to spend a huge amount on customized gadgets, one should do a good amount of prospecting before making a decision.

To save your time and energy, look for interesting offers online. Forget long trips to knock on the doors of a few brands. Sit quietly in front of your computer or mobile device connected to the internet. In just a few clicks, specialists in advertising goodies will be displayed on your screen.

Note the important details, particularly the name of the brand as well as the types of customizable USB keys available. Entrust yourself to a reputable giftware design company. The best brand offers a large collection of advertising items. Better yet, base prices will be displayed directly on each product, to make it easier for customers to estimate expenses. In addition, the purchasing conditions will be there: order processing time, delivery, payment method, complaint, etc.

Please note that it is indeed possible to obtain an advertising USB key from 2 euros. You will benefit from a model with a storage capacity between 2 and 16 GB. The more you want a gadget with interesting technical characteristics, the higher its price could be.

Who should you give an advertising USB key to?

The choice of the recipient of each corporate goodie depends on a few parameters. You will generally have to take into account the event as well as the objective of the company.

To employees

Employees are the pillars of your company. Without them, you won’t be able to run your business alone. Small, occasional gestures help to optimize their motivation. Set aside a specific budget for promotional items for your employees.

As the advertising USB key is a high-tech tool, all your employees will certainly need this gadget. It will facilitate the exchange of data without going through an Ethernet or internet network. In addition, it will be more practical to keep documents that will be processed at home outside office hours.

To customers

The distribution of corporate goodies is one of the effective customer loyalty strategies. Reward individuals or legal entities who make more than one purchase from you. However, nothing prevents you from retaining new buyers. For the first purchase, offer an interesting gift, hence a promotional USB key for example. This will motivate the new customer to come back.

It’s up to you to define the conditions for obtaining promotional items. It is advisable to impose a minimum purchase. This will avoid unnecessary expenses which will be deducted from your profits.

To prospects

As you often participate in events aimed at the general public, it is important to provide the appropriate advertising goodies. Organize events to reward winners with attractive items, including the promotional USB key. You will attract more visitors to your stand, while optimizing your notoriety. Most visitors to trade shows or exhibitions are interested in personalized items offered by participants.

Take advantage of your events to market your products or to book your services. It is in your interest to spoil visitors with promotional offers.

To business partners

Business partners are individuals and professionals who guarantee financial support for your business. Suppliers and other brands that collaborate with you frequently or occasionally are also in the partner category. To make the relationship between the two parties last, it is appropriate to offer unique goodies for each important event: New Year, Labor Day, launch of a new product, etc. It’s up to you to limit the advertising USB key quota for each recipient, taking into account the size of the company.

To other companies

In business, competitors are not necessarily your enemies. On a special occasion, like at the beginning of the year, don’t hesitate to demonstrate your team spirit. Offer a surprise box that contains an advertising USB key.

Choosing the right advertising USB key

While the budget for each campaign is limited, purchasing an advertising USB key does not risk exploding your expenses. Focus only on the model that displays a base price that fits your budget. Check a few criteria to quickly make the purchase. Thanks to the internet, you can place your order online at any time.

Storage capacity

A cheap promotional USB key generally has a small storage space. However, its future user will benefit from the advantages of this gadget at any time. It is very convenient for bureaucrats and students. Suppliers generally set prices based on the technical characteristics of the item, including storage space. Ask for a few quotes to make your decision easier.


Aesthetics should not be neglected. The promotional USB key should highlight your brand at first glance. Choose a template that displays your company logo.

To benefit from considerable space for advertising, it is advisable to use a USB key in the shape of a bank card. You will have the opportunity to use both sides for your logo, your leitmotif and even for some of your products or services.

Transfer speed

The best USB key displays 3.0 technology. This guarantees a fast transfer speed, even if the file to be shared is large. Furthermore, if you have a limited budget, you will have to focus on models that display classic technology: 2.0. Don’t forget to ask for detailed information about the processing time of your order. It is important to have a precise idea of ​​the date of receipt of the package.

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