School bag: Top 3 key points for choosing the right model

On the eve of the start of the school year, finding the ideal school bag for your child is not always a foregone conclusion. It is one of the essential accessories on your supplies list. Are you looking for the ideal model for your child? Here in this article are the top 3 key points that will guide you in your choice.


This is the first point to focus on when choosing your child’s school bag. Indeed, a comfortable schoolbag must be equipped with fairly wide and padded adjustable straps. These allow you to adjust the schoolbag to your child’s body shape.

For the schoolbag to fit properly on the child’s back, the straps must be short. The well-adjusted straps and shoulder straps allow for better distribution of the load on your child’s back.

Weight and strength

Weight is just as important as the comfort of the school bag. A lightweight school bag is a recommended choice for your child. You must ensure that the weight of the schoolbag does not exceed 10% of your child’s weight.

Thus, for a child who weighs 20 kilos, their school bag should not exceed two kilos (including school materials). By respecting this point, you protect your child from back problems that can occur during adolescence.

In addition to the weight, the rigidity of the school bag is also an important point. Inexpensive school bags are not very sturdy and generally cannot last the entire school year, given the way children treat school bags.

To do this, importance must be given to the quality of the manufacturing materials. Materials like leather, polyester, etc. are quite durable and waterproof. In addition, it is necessary to check certain elements such as the quality of the seams, the reinforcement of the corners, and the rigidity of the bottom of the schoolbag.

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Storage space and security

A well-compartmentalized school bag helps balance the weight of your child’s belongings. A model that has several storage spaces is the ideal solution to optimize space. This way, your child is sure that each item ( notebooks, binders, pens, books, etc.) will find the appropriate place in the school bag. Safety is a point that must not be overlooked.

Generally, parents neglect this point which is nevertheless important. Indeed, for parents whose children walk to school because of the proximity, we must favor school bag models that have a reflective strip.

These safety devices are markings that make it possible to discern the silhouette of a child walking on the side of the road in low-visibility weather. In addition, for their health and well-being, it is important to know how much your child’s school bag weighs.

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