Cycling tour: what type of bike should you choose for a successful ride?

Exploring another country on a bike is one of the experiences you should have at least once in your life! Here, you would be able to explore new paths and immerse yourself in a majestic landscape, all while enjoying the positive health benefits of cycling. However, for your ride to perfectly meet each of these specific expectations, it is essential to carefully choose the bike that will allow you to access the different cities and countries that you wish to visit. In order to allow you to make the best selection of your ideal 2 wheels, the nectardunet team has decided to create this complete guide for you. The result is a detailed review of the different selection criteria. Focus.

The budget planned for the purchase

The first element to which you should refer when choosing your future hiking cycle will be the budget you have. Depending on your finances, you might already have an idea of ​​the type of bike you could get. Today, the sale prices of bicycles vary from 400 to 5000 euros depending on the model, options, performance and design quality.

Many people hesitate to purchase a bicycle because of the price. Faced with such indecisions, there is a relevant solution to avoid purchasing: bicycle rental. Simple, easy and less restrictive, this option will allow you to enjoy a successful ride aboard a high-end bike. To do this, do not hesitate to access an online bicycle rental platform to get a clear idea of ​​the various methods to follow to rent a bicycle.

The bike frame to recommend

Very different from use in the city, a bike for hiking must have a quality frame. Indeed, as the rider will also have to carry some luggage with him, the frame must be able to provide good torsional rigidity. This configuration will limit vibrations and provide very good steering of the handlebars. A weak frame will cause significant discomfort while driving and could have detrimental effects on the quality of your ride.

Today there are 2 types of materials used to make bicycle frames: aluminum and steel. Offering an optimal combination of weight, strength, rigidity and price, aluminum is undoubtedly the most common substance in the manufacture of cycle frames. For its part, steel has a significant capacity to resist traction. An important point if you want to cover difficult terrain.

Wheel types and brakes

In addition to the solidity of the frame for a touring bike, the wheels in place must also be robust. Recommend bicycle models with wheels with 32 to 40 spokes and which have good tension force. Regarding brakes, professionals recommend V-brakes for a touring bike. Drum brakes will not provide reliable braking on rims.

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