How to choose a quality designer dining room

Whether you are dining or gathering with family or friends, the dining room should be equipped with practical, comfortable and stylish furniture. Therefore, tables, chairs, sideboards and/or TV cabinets must work together to create a user-friendly space.

The main criteria for choosing quality designer dining room furniture

The designer dining room is a space for family gatherings, it is also a friendly place to meet up with friends. Therefore, Evaluate the space available in the dining room to choose furniture that is neither too bulky nor likely to overcrowd the room, but not too small and easy to lose;

  • In terms of style and color, the furniture must combine with the decoration of the restaurant;
  • Think about ergonomics and comfort, for example in the case of seats;
  • Don’t ignore practicalities, like a sideboard that meets your storage needs or a TV stand that can accommodate all the digital devices.

Choose your dining room

Before purchasing your designer dining room table, you must choose it according to different criteria.

Choose the shape of the table according to the room

It can be round, oval, rectangular, square… In a long room, a rectangular dining table will work wonders, while in a more square room, think of a dining table of the same shape. A round or oval dining table can also brighten up the space.

The size of the dining table

They must adapt to the size of the room and ensure sufficient circulation space around it. They must also be adapted to the number of guests who wish to eat there.

Modularization of tables: focus on the practical aspect

The dining table can therefore be retractable or sliding only when necessary. You can also lift it from the coffee table to the dining table .

Dining room chair: between style and comfort

Chairs are an integral part of dining room decor, but ideally, chairs should be ergonomic and comfortable.

  • If you feel comfortable, a chair with a high back and a padded seat is an essential selection criterion.
  • The seat height of course depends on the height of the table. For a classic table with a height of 75 cm, the seat height of the chair should be approximately 45 cm.
  • The number of chairs also depends on the size of the table. No need to risk too much of ruining the room. In order to accommodate more guests from time to time, the trick is to put a few more chairs in another room.
  • The style of the designer dining room chair influences the decoration of the dining room. Classic or graphic, modern or retro, you can also choose not to match them.

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