The different types of glues and their uses

Substances for assembling, repairing or gluing objects, the glues available on the market are legion. They are not all intended for repairing the same objects and some are much more recommended than others for gluing certain things. Here are the different types of glue that you can find on the market.

Strong glues

Strong hold glues are glues designed to repair any  broken object. They are therefore able to respond to all requests and are classified into two main categories: strong liquid glues and strong glues in gel form.

As for liquid strong glues, remember that these are products designed for smooth, non-porous surfaces. They are also ideal for repairing cracked wood as well as rubber objects.

As for strong glues in gel form, they are very effective on porous surfaces. They can even be used on vertical surfaces and act in seconds.

Furthermore, as these products are likely to cause burns, it is advisable to use strong glues with extreme caution. What’s more, it is also recommended to test them before using them, as they are capable of damaging many materials.

Wood glues

Like strong hold glues, wood glues are also very effective products. These can be used on several types of wood (plywood, treated wood, etc.) and emit virtually no odor. However, it is important to note that some of them cannot tolerate humidity. It is therefore advisable not to use them too much in rooms such as laundry rooms or bathrooms .

In addition, to use them in this type of room without the slightest problem, choose wood glues designed to resist water or humidity. In addition, by choosing glues manufactured to be used both outdoors and indoors, you will not only be able to repair any wooden object, but also save money.

Polyurethane glues

Polyurethane glues or PU glues are synthetic products very popular for their water resistance . They are not only able to stick everything, but also to resist all bad weather. They also have strong adhesion and do not contain solvents.

Furthermore, these glues, which harden after around thirty minutes, can also be used to correct errors. What’s more, they are also expansive, which allows them to better fill gaps. To make them even more effective, simply moisten the objects or surfaces to be glued before using them.

Instant glues

Also called cyanoacrylate glues, instant glues are glues that allow very rapid drying. They do not flow onto surfaces and their range of application is very wide. In other words, they are able to glue any object made of glass, metal, cardboard and plastic. The same applies to objects made of ceramic, nylon, PVC or polystyrene. Enough to save you money or avoid buying several types of glue for your DIY work.

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