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Two DIY decor ideas for an original garden

The garden plays an important role in the appearance of the house. Whether it is installed in a small or large space, it provides a pleasure for the eyes when it is well maintained. There are countless possibilities to bring charm and originality to the garden. With the DIY concept, you can transform your outdoor space without spending too much.

Plant magnet, a touch of simplicity

To make plant magnets, simply plant small plants such as dracaena, sansevieria, ivy, tillandsia or cactus in a sphere, glass or magnetic box. Maintaining these is not complicated. A little light and regular watering on a weekly basis are enough for their survival.

Inside the house, a plant magnet finds its place on a memo board or the door of a refrigerator. Since it can be installed on any metal support, the plant magnet can become an interesting decorative tool in the garden.

The necessary tools

  • a shot glass,
  • a metal support,
  • 2 magnets,
  • a glue gun,
  • a cactus,
  • soil for cacti plants (1/3 garden soil, 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 coarse river sand),
  • some decorative pebbles.

Steps for making plant magnets

Start by preparing the metal support where the magnet will be installed. Then you can glue the two magnets to the glass using the glue gun. Once the glue has dried, you can put some decorative stones into the glass to form a small layer.

Add some soil and plant the cactus. The last step is to install your decorative accessory in the chosen place. You can make several to form a line of plant magnets or position them according to your preferences.

If you replace the cactus with another plant, take care to find out about the specifics of it. Ivy, for example, should be placed in a semi-shaded area . It needs a light and fresh substrate.

A DYI beanbag made from a tire

Upcycling, which consists of transforming an object to give it a new use, is one of the major trends in the “DIY – Do It Yourself” DIY movement  . It is possible, with a little creativity, to turn different unused objects into decorative and practical equipment for the garden. With a used tire, a long thick rope and a few tools, you can get a comfortable beanbag on which you can admire the beauty of your garden .

The necessary tools

  • an old tire,
  • a thick rope made of sisal, hemp, linen or other natural fiber,
  • a glue gun,
  • screwdriver, drill, screw,
  • 2 round plywood bottoms,
  • scissors.

Steps for making the DIY garden pouf

Using your drill and screwdriver, attach the two plywood bases to both sides of the tire to ensure maximum stability. Secure a free end of the rope in the center of the circle with glue. Then wrap the rope around the central point so as to hide the free end as much as possible. The spiral must be very tight for maximum aesthetics.

To prevent the spiral from unwinding, it is advisable to apply a good dose of glue to the rope and the plywood support. After completing the top, tip the tire. Now that the part covered with rope is at the bottom, continue to wind the rope slowly upwards.

You do not have to cover the other side of the tire as this will serve as the bottom of the stool. Finally, cut off the excess rope and glue the end. Applying a coat of waterproofing varnish to the ottoman helps increase its lifespan.

What you must remember

There are numerous possibilities for adding a personal touch at a lower cost to your garden design. Vegetation and a good choice of flowers are essential for obtaining a beautiful and pleasant place. However, you can also make different DIY accessories to highlight your garden.

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