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Lock replacement: how and why?

The lock is a device integrated into the handle of a door. It is composed, among other things, of a barrel, a striker, a faceplate and a deadbolt. This entire mechanism allows the door to be blocked or opened. But for various reasons, the assembly may malfunction. A quick repair is then required, requiring replacement of the lock, to regain normal use of its handle. How is it possible ?

Who can replace a door lock?

The lock is a key part of the door. This is why all related work must be carried out by a professional. As part of its replacement, for example, the use of a locksmith in Rennes is necessary. Indeed, such a specialist is qualified in diagnosing lock breakdowns. He is also informed of recent standards in terms of secure devices. In addition, the Rennes locksmith masters all the techniques for rapid door opening. Under what conditions can we request this locksmith assistance?

When to replace a door lock?

Replacing a lock arises either from necessity or simply from the choice of the resident. In any case, it is a delicate operation that a Rennes locksmith specialist can successfully carry out. The resident can therefore request it in the following cases.

Broken key

It is difficult to remove a piece of key left in the lock. The device may be damaged after such an intervention. In this case, the Rennes locksmith will directly offer to replace the assembly.


Residents whose apartments have been the subject of an attempted burglary have two choices. They can take the opportunity to change the front door or decide to replace the lock. The second option is certainly the least expensive. Better still, it now allows you to have a more efficient lock. Additionally, the resident’s insurance company may require the installation of a more secure lock after such an event.


Before a new tenant moves into their residence, the landlord can decide to replace the lock on the front door. Such a decision is often driven by the results revealed by the inventory . In addition, the incoming tenant can also make this decision, as a simple precaution. In this case, he will have to replace the old one at the end of the lease.

Lost key

If you lose your front door key, it would be more reasonable to change your lock. Such a precaution allows the owner to avoid possible intrusions into his home. He will therefore be able to live more peacefully at home.

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