How to choose your balaclava to have a trendy look?

The balaclava, which was a real clothing trauma for many of you during your childhood, has recently established itself as a fashion accessory in its own right. If it has appeared on the majority of the catwalks of the most recognized brands, what would you say about letting the balaclava do the same in your wardrobe?

Discover some simple tips for finding the perfect balaclava to enhance your looks while adopting the trend.

The right balaclava cut

A few years ago, the balaclava was considered either as a winter accessory for toddlers or as a gangster attribute among adults. However, wearing a mask during the pandemic has greatly contributed to the democratization of the wearing of this trendy accessory.

So that it can highlight the rest of the outfit, it is important to choose the ideal balaclava cut. To go for a daring look with one or more strong pieces, just play the simplicity card when choosing the balaclava. Therefore, choose a model with a simple cut such as a straight hood open over the entire length of the face.

This type of trendy balaclava is the kind of item that accessorizes any outfit in a not-too-ostentatious way. On the other hand, to spice up an already basic and minimalist look a little, don’t hesitate to opt for balaclavas with offbeat cuts .

Hoods that reveal the eyes and the mouth, or only the latter, are perfect for providing this unique effect that is so sought after.

The type of material

The material from which the balaclava is made is a determining element for its appearance, the feeling it will give you, but also its resistance. Traditionally, because of its function as a winter accessory, the balaclava was chosen only in wool or cotton to keep you warm.

However, the field of possibilities in terms of material on the side of the hood has continued to expand since it has an aesthetic purpose. Now, the balaclava is available in many materials such as mesh , silk , fleece , bamboo fabric and even polyester .

Some of these materials are more breathable than others. Therefore, ensure the level of breathability before purchasing a nose covering hood made of this material.

To be safe, choose to match the material of your balaclava with that of another part of your outfit to create a visually coherent whole. To create contrast , you can also compose your entire look with elements of the same material and choose your balaclava in a completely different material.

Be careful not to layer too many bulky clothes so you don’t look bulky and still look stylish despite the cold.

The ideal color and pattern

As with the materials, when it comes to the colors and patterns of the hood, the choices are varied. To accompany your everyday outfits, choose all-purpose colors like black , brown , beige and white .

Pastel colors (powder pink, baby blue, mint green, etc.) go well with minimalist looks by adding a certain feminine softness. To dare a little more original assemblies like those of trend setters Rihanna and Beyonce, try models with showy patterns like imposing rhinestones.

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