Skull t-shirts: a must-have for alternative fashion

In an open and constantly questioned society like ours, all objects can be diverted from their original use. Even symbols as strongly connoted as the skull are thus integrated into popular culture over time. The t-shirt flanked by a skull has become a cult object that we wear today with pride in many alternative circles. Presentation.

The skull, a symbol that has become pop

The skull is a symbol that has taken up more and more space in popular culture in recent decades. Long associated with death, fear and horror, it has become a very fashionable decorative motif. Today we find it on clothing, jewelry, tattoos, posters, album covers and even everyday consumer products. This popularity is partly explained by the fact that the skull has become a rebellious and non-conformist symbol , a way to stand out from the norm.

It is also very present in the rock, metal, punk and gothic worlds , where it symbolizes the provocative attitude of these movements. Finally, the skull and crossbones is often associated with the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, where it is used to celebrate life and death in a festive way. Whatever the reason for its success, it is undeniable that the skull is today an essential symbol of popular culture. As evidenced by the success of online stores specializing in clothing and thematic objects of the genre like Tete de Mort !

Specialized stores for your gothic clothing

The skull t-shirt is undoubtedly the uniform of the gothic movement. Anyone with a dark side should have at least one of these t-shirts in their wardrobe. But the most dark enthusiasts will not limit themselves to this single item of clothing. Sweatshirts, tank tops, dresses, leggings, hats, shoes and even ties, you can find all possible clothing marked with the seal of death in the catalogs of specialized stores like!

But a true goth wouldn’t go out without some well-chosen jewelry. On the same site, you will find necklaces, earrings and other rings bearing the image of death, but also jewelry representing wolves, vikings or ravens. And we won’t give you an exhaustive list of all the accessories available, like wallets, bags or lamps, we advise you to take a look!

Who can wear a skull T-shirt today?

The skull T-shirt is such a popular design that it can be worn by all kinds of people . Of course, self-confessed goths are the most obvious of his fans. Furthermore, communities with similar ideas and interests such as punks, metalheads or even bikers have also integrated the skull t-shirt into their basic wardrobe. But many other individuals can proudly wear the skull and crossbones today.

Having become a universal symbol of protest and non-conformism, the dismembered skull can be seen in all the tribes, clans and other communities that have made rebellion their standard. Hackers with almost illegal practices , activists with new ideas, young people in search of identity or simply inveterate partygoers, all can show their differences by wearing a skull t-shirt. So why not you ?

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