How to encourage children to read?

Encouraging children to read is a challenge. Reading is essential not only in education, but also in the modern business world, where much of communication is done digitally. For this reason, the ability to read for comprehension and communicate effectively is vital and must be taught from a young age. Keep reading to discover all our tips on this subject.

Develop children’s oral language

Depending on the child’s language skill level, give them a story to read or have them read a story. When the story is finished, ask your child to point out their favorite parts of the story. This can allow children to have fun picking up words and develop the desire to move on to the next page. The more children are exposed to literature, the more reading will become a part of their daily lives. Each story allows the child to discover new information, new concepts and develop phonemic awareness. Get your child into the habit of reading by offering them a wide range of interesting books and magazines, suited to their reading level. Are you looking for reading material for your children? You can find books intended for children in all bookstores and specialized stores like Decitre.

Let children choose what they read

Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways for a child to improve their academic performance, but teaching a child to love reading involves much more than just handing them a book. Allowing children to choose their reading material goes a long way to making them readers for life. Children who choose what they read, whether it’s a novel, comic book, or magazine, are more interested in what they read and are more likely to retain the content. information. Help your children choose age-appropriate books on topics that interest them to spark their passion for reading. Take them to the library. Access to a wide variety of options makes it easier for parents to help their children find the stories that will introduce them to the world of reading.

Support them in their reading

Reading for pleasure has many benefits for children during school and as adults. Your reaction or comments have a strong impact on their efforts to become good readers. Never forget to sincerely congratulate them for their efforts. Make reading an essential part of your children’s lives. Let them read menus, movie names, road signs, game guides, weather reports and other practical everyday information. Always try to ensure that your children have something to read in their free time. Easy access to a wide range of topics and stories is sure to pique the interest of even a reluctant reader.

Remember that reading for pleasure seems to give children an advantage in school, because they are used to being confronted with new ideas and can process them more quickly and effectively than their peers who don’t read.

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