Online math teacher: offering his services to give private lessons

Becoming a private mathematics teacher is an activity that attracts more and more people, whether they are students, teachers or simply looking for additional income. To engage in teaching during private lessons, you must of course be able to find students.

When you offer a service in the hope of earning money from it, you have to find customers. A question may arise very quickly: where to offer your services? comes in. It allows you to get in touch with students or parents looking for private mathematics teachers.

Finding students: where to start?

The first answer that may come to mind is certainly word of mouth . You can ask those around you, friends, colleagues, family, etc. It costs you nothing to offer them your services if they have children who need academic support or homework help. This first avenue is undoubtedly the simplest to explore, but the results of your research will probably be limited.

Perhaps you are looking to give between 10 and 20 hours of private lessons? But it is not impossible that those around you do not need such a volume of lessons for their child. They may also not have the financial means to pay you for more than two hours. Another example, you may just as easily come across students who need academic support in a subject other than mathematics.

To overcome this problem, you need several students to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. Unless you charge a premium for your services, you probably won’t get very far with just one student.

Use a company specializing in private lessons

This is where a second option is available to you: using the services of a company . Thanks to a company specializing in the field of private lessons, you will more easily find students to teach.

In other words, it’s getting an address book to find your first customers. Simply apply on the platform and put together your file. Then, all you have to do is attend a series of interviews to demonstrate your teaching skills and expertise in mathematics.

The Sherpas platform is looking for teachers of all profiles, whether you are a student or young graduate, teacher… The only condition for carrying out this activity is to be subject to the income tax regime or to have self-employed status. -entrepreneur. You must also be able to work on French territory or, failing that, have a French telephone line if you live abroad.

In the same way, you do not need to have previous teaching experience to be recruited. Even if this constitutes a certain advantage in your file, starting in teaching will in no way work against you. From the moment you can demonstrate your expertise in mathematics, your passion for the subject or your ability to transmit knowledge, the odds are on your side.

Give private math lessons online

With the democratization of digital technology and more recently with the development of teleworking, offering private lessons online is proving to be a solution for the future which offers many advantages for both the teacher and the student.

The first advantage you can identify is certainly the elimination of journeys. Providing private lessons remotely allows you to save your travel time, no longer needing to take the car or transport. Not only are you doing something for the planet, but you can also use this time saving to use it for another activity or simply to increase your teaching hours.

In the same way, giving courses online gives you the advantage of being more flexible with your schedule. If you combine this activity with your studies or another job, it will be easier for you to redistribute the time devoted to private lessons on your schedule.

You no longer need to go to a student’s home if you consider your travel to be a constraint. However, this new digital activity requires a minimum of equipment, so that your students can follow a quality course, you will need a computer or at least a device equipped with a webcam. Also, it is recommended to have a good internet connection to maintain the video stream of the videoconference.

Providing private lessons online allows you to work wherever you want, at home, outdoors, in an office, at university, and even abroad  ! If, for example, you are a student going abroad, you can very well do online tutoring to make some money. This is an ideal solution if you are in a country where you do not speak the language very well or are more comfortable in your native language.

Giving private lessons: what are the advantages?

When you are a student or looking for an additional source of income, providing private lessons is an ideal solution to earn money by exploiting your skills and experience. On the Sherpas platform, for example, the majority of teachers are students or recent graduates from engineering schools, major schools such as HEC or Sciences Po.

Becoming a private teacher when you are a student or at the end of your studies is an excellent way to take responsibility. Being self-employed, and managing your activity, and your schedule is in a way a way of introducing yourself to the world of entrepreneurship and tasting freedom in the exercise of your activity. Likewise, experience as a private teacher will make a great addition to your CV.

Putting on the role of a teacher and transmitting knowledge to a student places you in a position that requires both pedagogy, but also maturity. Not to mention that you will discover several aspects of the teaching profession, it is an interesting experience if it is a career to which you aspire. You will thus be able to taste the satisfaction of seeing your students progress as you teach!

From a financial point of view, if you offer your services through a third-party platform to give your private lessons, your income can vary between ten and a hundred euros per hour. The amount depends on several parameters, including the company you work with, the content of your experience in the subject taught and the number of hours of lessons you provide.

Why give private mathematics lessons?

Of all the subjects that can be taught, why focus on mathematics? The first reason depends on you. Is it a subject that you are passionate about or in which you have extensive experience? The choice to teach this subject depends first of all on your tastes and your skills.

The second reason is based on the strong popularity of mathematics in the field of private lessons. Academic support in mathematics is often favored by parents of students who want their children to succeed academically or simply to remedy the shortcomings that they may accumulate during their learning.

Thus, private mathematics lessons are in high demand , maths is essential at all levels of education. You will have no difficulty finding students who need a helping hand in math. It is also an important subject for students who are moving towards scientific environments where competitions are very selective and where the importance of mathematics is no longer a secret. So, get started!

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