Wireless alarm: Technology at the heart of security against intrusions

The figures and statistics regarding burglary and intrusion are not very impressive. The successive increases in recent years suggest that this problem is not being taken seriously.

Even if a drop in the amount of damage is observed, the increase in volume is such that insurance companies find themselves cornered by these phenomena.

The geographical distribution of intrusions and burglaries is also quite revealing. We observe waves breaking in all regions and moving randomly. This migration allows us to put forward the theory that these burglaries are carried out by itinerant people. They travel to all regions of France, bringing their criminal practices with them.

Technology at the service of the user.

When we talk about burglary, we mainly talk about intrusion, privacy, and harm. Far behind the financial damage, the moral and psychological damage is significant.

Victims of burglaries are very often marked for many weeks, months or even years. Knowing that someone sat on your bed and observed how you lived can be a source of deep discomfort.

Our country is among the last in terms of home alarm equipment rates . A low rate of around 11 to 12% is currently being discussed. This figure is well below countries further north or Spain for example.

It’s an annoying habit that we have in France, it is linked to our culture. We make decisions once we are confronted with a problematic situation.

In more than nine cases out of ten, during an intrusion , when a siren sounds, the thief will leave the premises. This ease of deterrence is directly linked to the fact that this itinerant delinquency acts as criminal businessmen. They need a significant volume of thefts and stolen items to achieve their objectives.

The wireless alarm, a composition of peripherals

A wireless home alarm will consist of different devices and accessories. We can list four main families of equipment.

Once the control unit has been selected, you will need to choose from these accessories what you will need to meet your security challenges against intrusions .

The detection accessories will allow you to complete the primary mission. Detection must be thoughtful to be able to capture the intruder as quickly as possible. The sooner this is picked up, the sooner the sirens can come into operation. In certain cases, detection before the intrusion attempt is made possible. To do this, you will rely on external detectors or vibration sensors.

The effect will be there and damage to the joinery avoided.

Next comes the armament and piloting accessories. They allow you to activate and disarm your alarm according to your needs. You can have them to take away or available at the entrance to the house. Your lifestyle habits will motivate this choice. Remote controls and keyboards are the most used.

In the range of deterrent accessories , we find active deterrence and passive deterrence. Passive deterrence consists of sound sirens that can be installed indoors, outdoors, or both. Active deterrence will be ensured by fog cannons preventing thieves from being visible. It is often said that what you cannot see you cannot steal.

Finally, to finish equipping your alarm , you can add technical detection elements. These accessories are very useful. The smoke detectors will be connected to your alarm center, in the event of triggering, you will have an alert signal on your smartphone to take action.

Water leak or flood detectors will be able to warn you of possible damage. Just like the gas or carbon monoxide detector. This absolutely dangerous gas still causes deaths every year in our country.

With the alarm, the possibility of having a suitable service

Your wireless alarm will notify you on your smartphone if it is equipped with a transmission module. You will have the possibility of involving one of your loved ones and, under certain conditions, the police.

Remote monitoring will be a service which will take care of receiving alarms, will study this alarm in order to check whether it can be proven and will make the appropriate operational decision.

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