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Will we soon enter the 6G era?

As we slowly enter the 5G era, 6G is becoming more and more talked about to the point that we wonder if its arrival is not closer than we think. ‘conceived.

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The Huawei problem

5G, NSA, and SA

Interest in 6G?

The Huawei problem

The Chinese company Huawei is a major player in 5G network equipment. The problem is that suspicions of espionage possibilities for the benefit of China from Huawei equipment have given 5G a bad image in public opinion.

5G, NSA and SA

5G is “sold” as increasing connection speeds by 10 and reducing latency by 10. The problem is that we don’t explain that there is 5G and 5G. 5G NSA, for Non-Standalone Access, uses radio antennas as the only 5G equipment; everything else is 4G hardware. The performance of 5G NSA is far from reaching those put forward for its promotion. However, in many countries, it is 5G NSA that is deployed. 5G SA, for Standalone Access, is true 5G which relies on infrastructure specially designed for it.

Interest in 6G?

6G will offer higher performance than 5G. Its practical applications include delicate surgical operations performed by robots, self-driving cars, and many other things like holograms.

Let’s take the example of the gaming industry, one of whose characteristics is to very quickly grasp the benefits of new technologies. whose offering includes live dealer games, will be able to offer them using the holography process. Imagine a roulette table in holographic representation in your living room. We can also say that like the cameras and video cameras incorporated in our smartphones, why wouldn’t holographic projectors be?

Not long ago, we mentioned 2030 as the date for the deployment of 6G. Now, voices are being heard to mention 2028.

We seriously believe that 5G is a bad start, that it is the chronicle of a predicted failure and all economic and political players therefore have an interest in the arrival of 6G as quickly as possible.

We also believe that the 6G era will arrive faster than we imagine and perhaps around 2026.

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