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Rapid prototyping: essential for reducing production costs!

With the advancement of technology in different sectors, the methods used in the improvement and development of a new product are more numerous and more effective. The manufacturing of a part can be carried out with a futuristic approach and with much fewer constraints. Rapid prototyping using online 3D printing is an approach that allows you to make informed decisions in the design of a product. Technology has rapidly evolved reducing production time and costs.

Prototyping with online 3D printing: what exactly is it?

Before designing a product, designers must create several prototypes to test and evaluate its characteristics to arrive at the final version of the product. Rapid prototyping is a process that allows you to create and develop new products more reliably. The process can be used in various stages of the product creation cycle.

Online 3D printing is a production solution very suitable for rapid prototyping. Several services are available online offering a practical and inexpensive way to test a new idea or evaluate the performance of a product before launching production. Using 3D printing services for prototyping allows engineers to perform product evaluations frequently and cost-effectively.

Use of rapid prototyping in the industry

Online 3D printing is an asset for creating reliable and functional prototypes. It is also a way to accelerate the design and development phase of a product. All sectors (medical, automotive, aeronautics, electronics, etc.) can take advantage of the advantages of this technology, to design less expensive prototypes. Manufacturing multiple parts at the same time allows for parallel testing and improves product development.

Why choose rapid prototyping using 3D printing?

The world is changing very quickly and in a very competitive consumer market, companies are forced to innovate and develop new products to remain competitive and ensure their sustainability. Rapid prototyping with online 3D printing is the most cost-effective way to achieve a company’s business goals. The advantages of rapid prototyping are multiple, it is a process that allows you to:

  • Evaluate and test the performance of a product at an early stage;
  • Detect design problems before moving on to manufacturing;
  • Reduce design and development time;
  • Reduce the overall cost of developing and manufacturing a product;
  • Deliver a high-quality product in a short time;
  • Eliminate or reduce technical risks;
  • Increase the efficiency of newly manufactured devices;

Rapid prototyping is essential to reduce production costs

Online 3D printing is a rapid prototyping service that does not rely on cutting materials to create a product. It is a means of design without special tools. The manufacture of a solid three-dimensional object is done from a digital model, which helps to eliminate the costs linked to the need for tools, which are often very expensive. Thanks in particular to 3D metal printing, prototypes are manufactured quickly and at a lower cost.

It is possible to make updates and changes at any stage of the design since manufacturing relies on a digital file. With a specific and complete model, it is easier to make a prototype and thus avoid unnecessary expenses. Rapid prototyping using online 3D printing makes it possible to better manage manufacturing costs; it is a profitable way that allows you to innovate without taking big risks.

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