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What are the different types of auto repairs?

Do you have a car that you use regularly for your professional and personal trips? Perfect, but know that vehicles all experience a problem one day or another that will need to be repaired to continue using your car in optimal safety conditions. To learn everything about car repair, follow the guide.

The different types of car repairs

The most frequent breakdowns are generally found under the hood of the vehicle, and they concern in particular:

  •  The timing chain or belt;
  •  Electricity;
  •  Electronics;
  •  Food;
  •  Engine cooling;
  •  Air conditioning or heating.

A timing chain or belt is used to operate the valves through the water pump. It must always be in good condition, the life of the engine depends on it.
Electricity for the engine is supplied by the battery which works with the alternator. If you’re having trouble getting started, this is where you need to look.
Engine electronics are increasingly present in vehicles. The electronic computer allows you to regulate the quantity of fuel sent to the engine. If it has a malfunction, a diagnosis carried out by a professional will tell you.
The engine is powered by an injection pump. Does your vehicle have less power? You may have concerns at this level.
The radiator, water pump, and coolant help regulate engine temperature.
If you notice that your air conditioning is no longer working, the condenser may be broken or the cartridges may need to be recharged.
The water heat found in the engine cooling will heat your passenger compartment. Always check the coolant level.

Exterior auto repairs

Apart from the engine, you may have to carry out repairs on:

  •  The bodywork;
  • The windscreen ;
  • The fog lights ;
  • The tires ;
  • The exhaust.

If you have a dent or scratch on the bodywork, take your car to a professional to repair it.
A chip or crack on the windshield? Don’t wait until it breaks completely to have it changed.
A headlight lens is broken? Or is a bulb defective? Replace the damaged part as soon as possible.
To pay less, don’t hesitate to get quotes from several garages and make a comparison.
Maintaining a vehicle is essential. Perform oil changes regularly and change the various filters to keep your vehicle in good health.
Regularly check the condition of your tires as well as the brake drums and pads. Has a tire reached the wear indicator? Are the brake pads worn? Have them replaced.
The exhaust and the pipes that connect it can rust over time. Change them before they get punctured.

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