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How to maintain your automobile injectors?

The automobile injector is an important part of the engine. It allows the fuel to be transported to the latter at each combustion. Although it has a long service life, it is recommended to have it serviced regularly to ensure its proper functioning. Discover here some cleaning tips and techniques for optimal maintenance.

Tips for keeping your injector in good condition

To maintain your auto-injector, you can use simple tips. The first is to use quality fuel and good engine oil. Quality oils are indeed well produced. They are often equipped with additives, which helps delay possible clogging problems. So avoid fuels and oils with incredibly low prices.

The second tip is to make sure you always have fuel in your tank. You may not know it, but an empty tank is favorable to the phenomenon of corrosion and, in this case, the injector risks being affected. The third tip is that you clean the engine of the carbon formed regularly.

To carry out this task, it is best that you go to an automobile garage. Choose the hydrogen one. It is much more efficient. The last tip is aimed at driving regularly on the highway. By driving at a certain speed for a good distance, you will heat your engine, which will contribute to its cleaning.

Use additives

Applying the tips mentioned above will indeed extend the life of your automobile injectors. However, for better maintenance, you will need to clean them from time to time. Using cleaning additives happens to be the easiest technique to apply for this purpose. You can find this type of product almost everywhere on the market.

However, be aware that additives are only used as a preventative measure. If your injectors are already completely clogged, the additive will have no effect. All you have to do is pour a specific amount of the product into your almost empty tank. Then put fuel in it.

Pressurized tank cleaning

It must necessarily be done by a professional. Much more effective than the use of additives, this technique makes it possible to rid the injector of all its dirt using a device with pressurized tanks.

The principle is quite simple. A product is sent to the injector using a ramp. All this with the fuel supply previously cut off. This technique represents both cleaning and descaling. You will have to count between 45 and 125 euros to do it.


If, despite correct washing of the injector, dirt persists, ultrasonic cleaning must be used. In this case, the injector will be placed in an ultrasonic basin containing water mixed with a specific product, all brought to 55 degrees Celsius. The waves sent will remove the remaining dirt atoms.

The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the injector in question. Generally, it takes a maximum of 25 minutes. With around 50 euros you can already carry out ultrasonic cleaning. If you can, dismantle the injector before going to the mechanic. This maneuver will allow you to reduce the bill.

The test bench technique

This is the best technique for cleaning automobile injectors. In addition to cleaning, it makes it possible to check the optimal functioning of the injector, as well as its tightness and flow rate.

Ultimately, there are a few different ways you can maintain your automotive injectors. You can use cleaning additives, pressurized tank cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, or the test bench technique.

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