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Meanwhile Boutique is a platform that brings together ethical brands and manufacturers keen to be eco-responsible to offer sustainable, ethical, and environmental alternatives in the world of bags, jewelry, shoes, decoration, and self-care for women, men, and children. Here you can find products that meet these requirements, for example, a bag made from recycled cotton, sneakers made from recycled marine waste or a unisex rain cape for cyclists.

But what does it mean: being a responsible and environmentally friendly brand? Let’s find out!

Conscious fashion encompasses clothing, jewelry, and accessories made using ethical and sustainable practices. At the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, a set of guidelines for sustainable brands was developed. Brands that do not develop economy, ecology, and society (ethical) cannot be considered sustainable, but only ethical or environmentally friendly.

Ethical brand

If an eco-friendly brand focuses more on reducing the negative impact on the environment, then above all an ethical brand needs to respect human and animal rights. For an ethical brand, child labor, forced labor and any form of modern slavery, discrimination and unsafe working conditions are unacceptable. Employees receive a decent wage, have the right to join unions, and collectively protect their interests.

Choosing responsible and honest suppliers is an indicator of brand ethics. The ethical brand does not use tissues of animal origin associated with the killing or suffering of living beings. That is, fibers of animal origin obtained without harming the health and life of animals, for example ethically obtained wool, silk or down, may be acceptable.

Moreover, Meanwhile Boutique does not offer any products made from animal leather.

An ethical brand is characterized by a desire for transparency. This means that such a company openly publishes information about production and working conditions, information about suppliers, and information about fabrics and materials (including certificates).

Transparency does not always mean that a brand meets all ethical or environmental requirements. But it is a good tool with which the brand shows respect to the customer and improves itself.

Sustainable brand

Initially, a company was considered sustainable if, in the course of its activities, it took into account the environmental and ethical areas while making a profit. But in the current situation, it is not enough to minimize the consequences of activities or try to minimize the negative impact. Sustainability now means investing in restoration and improvement : support for vulnerable sections of the population, support for traditional crafts that are disappearing under the pressure of production tools, initiatives to protect animals and the environment: help for associations to save endangered species, protecting forests from deforestation, protecting the ocean and its inhabitants from plastic debris and much more.

The principles of sustainable development are respected by all the brands represented on Meanwhile Boutique. Each of them is tested under a set of guidelines based on the values ​​of eco-responsible consumption: anti-waste, craftsmanship, preservation of resources, social and human impact and certifications and labels. Ethical Boutique: Meanwhile Boutique is synonymous with transparency and ethics and allows you to follow all stages of the brands’ production chain. Since the creation of the platform, it has been committed to supporting social, environmental or humanitarian objectives.

Visit the Ethical Boutique website: Meanwhile, Boutique to discover all the eco-responsible brands from its committed collective.

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