Virtual Games against stress: A Modern vision

Video games have long ceased to be just entertainment for teenagers. The world’s largest museums are hosting virtual exhibitions to attract the attention of young people. Epidemiologists use multiplayer online games to better understand how infectious diseases spread. Even architects use the experience of game developers in their work. Recent studies have shown that virtual entertainment is the best way to relieve accumulated stress.

Games instead of meditation

Studies have shown that meditation improves focus and cognitive flexibility, increases relationship satisfaction, and reduces stress. This practice helps free you from thoughts of the past and future and focus on the present. Players who spend time in virtual casinos reach this state effortlessly, without realizing it. One of the best sites for these purpose  – it contains entertainment from the best providers in the gaming industry.

In addition, virtual entertainment still brings many benefits to humans.

  • Games allow you to achieve your goals
    Video games allow us to achieve instant results. When we experience setbacks, spending an hour in a virtual game can lift our spirits, give us a feeling of satisfaction. 46.6% of participants in the 2008 survey admitted to taking breaks to play and relax, even while working.
  • Games are a space for creativity
    Some virtual entertainment can help us express ourselves. They allow you to create virtual objects inside the game world, their beauty and uniqueness depends only on our imagination.
  • Dopamine Release
    When we do something enjoyable (like eating a tasty meal or spending time with a loved one), the hormone dopamine is released in our brain, which improves mood and increases motivation. Video games are largely about encouraging our brains to release this hormone. By playing, we raise our mood, the main thing is not to overuse the process.

People are social and it is an important human need to feel connected with others. Cooperative games you can play with friends enhance this feeling. At the same time, online games guarantee anonymity and allow even introverts and people who have communication difficulties in real life to participate in social interactions.

How to get rid of stress through games?

Learning in a game format makes it easier to memorize information, speeds up thinking processes, develops creativity and brings pleasure in the process. Games are also actively used in the business sector to increase employee productivity. By the way, many companies use this method, creating a separate space for games and relaxation in the office.

The advantages of PC and console games:

  1. Games help relieve stress and relax. So you can relax and distract yourself from inner experiences.
  2. Games develop intelligence. Puzzles, logic games, chess develop both hemispheres of the brain and really make you smarter. You will be able to concentrate on work faster, develop awareness, logical thinking and analytical skills.
  3. Games make relationships between people stronger and better. Team play will help unite the work team, bring together strangers in the company and diversify the evening.
  4. Games improve health. Happy people are 35% less sick than others. Games give us a burst of energy and positive emotions that have a beneficial effect on our health.

Researchers at the University of Rochester , New York, found that people who regularly play video games based on car races or gun battles develop certain abilities, such as concentration. For example, they are better able to track different objects that appear in the field of vision at the same time, and perceive rapidly changing visual information more effectively.

Instead of an afterword

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