Organize a retirement party

Retirement is one of the most important events in the life of an active person. Most workers look forward to this moment. Nevertheless, nostalgia is there when it’s time to leave the office for good. It is customary, on this occasion, to organize a party and in particular a farewell drink, bringing together colleagues and/or family, in a friendly and joyful atmosphere. The success of the event depends on good organization.

Where and when to hold the retirement party?

The retirement party is generally organized at the workplace of the person concerned, on their last day of work. The event often takes place in December or June, at the end of the day or early evening, when all the company’s employees go out. Thus, the young retiree can find all his colleagues and collaborators in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Who to invite to the retirement party?

The retirement farewell party is a professional and personal event that ideally brings together all of the colleagues and collaborators (line managers, superiors, etc.) of the young retiree as well as members of his family. It is important to specify that only close relatives, namely: the spouse and children, are invited to the festivities which take place on the company premises. For someone who works in a large organization, it is appropriate to invite colleagues who have worked closely together, line managers, and other direct reports. It is also possible to invite a representative per department or service as well as other employees who have a particular affinity with the person concerned.

What decoration for a retirement party?

The retirement farewell party is a joyful, friendly event, which must be memorable for the young retiree. To do this, it is essential to focus on careful retirement decoration adapted to the festivities. The idea is to transform the company premises into a real party place.

For this occasion, an aperitif dinner or a small meal is generally planned. The practice is becoming more widespread within modern companies. Brands specializing in decoration offer several ranges of equipment and retirement decoration elements such as disposable cardboard tableware on the theme of retirement (plates, straws, cups or even paper napkins). To accompany the dishes and decorate the table, you can purchase table confetti, toppers for decorating cakes, centerpieces, place cards or even table runners. Dedicated stores also suggest matching balloons, retirement garlands, banners and even suspensions. You can be sure to find everything you need to organize a retirement and create a retirement decoration that will not go unnoticed!

What gift to give to the retiree?

Colleagues generally offer a gift to the young retiree, as a souvenir. Pay special attention to the choice of gift. This one must really please and above all surprise the young retiree. You can opt for a personal gift such as an object that recalls one of his passions or an important event that marked his professional career within the company, an object that will serve him more during his retirement period or even a very original which will remain engraved in one’s memory forever as a trip, an atypical activity, a complete relaxing activity for two, with family or with colleagues, etc.

Finally, plan entertainment during the retirement party. The event always begins with a speech by a company manager. The speech generally traces the professional career of the young retiree within the company. Colleagues can then take turns giving a speech to tell anecdotes and significant events that they experienced with the young retiree. It is entirely possible to do without the colleagues’ speech part. The little stories as well as the wishes can be grouped in a guest book to offer to the young retiree, with the common gift or individual gifts, by service, by department, at the end of the evening.

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