How can I make my bathroom eco-responsible?

Our society is now aware of the impact of our behavior on the preservation of the environment. Everywhere on the planet, people understand what consumption has on the economy, health and society. From this comes a desire to live differently, more healthily and with less pollution of our lands and oceans. New lifestyle habits are emerging at all levels of daily life and therefore even in our bathrooms. Let’s see together in this article how to make your bathroom eco-responsible and respectful of the environment.

Choose ecological and zero waste products

Visit the Eco Panda website to discover and create a true Zero Waste bathroom using reusable products essential to a healthy lifestyle, such as:

  • The safety razor,
  • The bamboo toothbrush,
  • The natural sponge,
  • Washable makeup remover discs,
  • The reusable cotton swab,
  • Etc…

All the products and accessories you use in your bathroom can be replaced by their zero waste alternative, for reasoned and more responsible consumption. Finish, then ban non-environmentally friendly products, and opt for their reusable, recyclable, repairable version … all with the aim of continuing to produce as little waste as possible. Save money in the long run by only consuming what you need. Also remember to sort through your personal belongings:

  • Keep the ones you use daily,
  • Think about which ones you use very rarely,
  • And sell or donate the ones you never use.

Healthy materials to design your eco-responsible bathroom

Eh yes ! The room itself can have environmental protection properties! For example, choose an ecological paint certified NF Environnement or Ecolabel : it releases practically no volatile organic components. Natural paints are also available on the market, with an ever-expanding color palette.

For the floor, you can choose tiles made from recycled materials . You also have the possibility of purchasing porcelain stoneware tiles (mixture of silica and clay), which are an excellent alternative since they are easy to maintain and ecological of course, but also incredibly aesthetic.

An economical sink for my eco-responsible bathroom

Today, there are so-called economical sink models on the market that will help you in your approach to respecting the environment. They will allow you not to waste water and therefore significantly reduce your consumption.

The second possibility is to install a water saver , which will regulate the water flow to also reduce your consumption. This type of installation is highly recommended in showers. You will be surprised at the savings made on your water bill!

“How much will it cost me to be eco-responsible?!”

We are not reluctant to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and eco-responsible consumption, but we are afraid that before making savings, it will on the contrary be very expensive for us.

So yes, these environmentally friendly installations have a higher cost than traditional installations, but they have the advantage of contributing to the preservation of the planet for generations to come . Once their cost has been amortized, this equipment will allow you to make real savings. Don’t forget also that these arrangements are designed to last for many years , which undoubtedly makes them a profitable investment, and one more step for you towards a Zero Waste lifestyle.

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