How to save the planet with your car?

You loved your car… However, you had to part with it. But have you asked yourself the question of what happened to your car at the end of its life?

Legislation on vehicle destruction

In recent years, many environmental laws have been put in place. Sometimes, some demolition professionals have made their dissatisfaction known! Furthermore, the National Council of Automotive Professions does not understand the obligation, for demolition centers, Please note that as an individual, you are responsible for the destruction of your vehicle. Also be vigilant about the service provider chosen to destroy it. It is up to you to request a certificate of destruction from the approved ELV center. In the event of non-compliance with the regulations, “the owner faces a maximum prison sentence of 2 years and a fine of 75,000 euros”. You should also know that leaving your ELV to an unauthorized breaker can be considered an offense.

Recycling in the automotive sector

In Europe, laws have advanced the process of vehicle recycling, but the scourge of illegal vehicle resales abroad continues. To recognize an approved demolitionist or shredder, simply check for the presence of a green logo and its approval number. The demolisher and the crusher each have their role. The wrecker collects all the recyclable parts and decontaminates the car. Then, he gives it to a crusher to disintegrate it. In fact, the shredder does not have authorization to collect spare parts from end-of-life vehicles.

Among our Swiss neighbors, particularly in – Switzerland, the management of a car scrapyard resembles in many ways what we know. The practical side lies in the fact that it is up to the service provider to give the certificate of destruction of the vehicle!

Go further in the circular economy

Many spare parts sellers offer used parts. Moreover, it is undoubtedly with surprise that you have seen insurance advertisements encouraging you to turn to these spare parts to repair your automobile.
When restoring your automobile to a garage, a decree, published in the Official Journal on May 31, 2017, specifies that it must let you choose between a new spare part or used parts, from ELVs, verified in advance at approved “End of Life Vehicle” centers.

Know that by accepting a used part, you will contribute to protecting the planet and you will see your bill significantly reduced!

Also, being responsible for the future of your vehicle means protecting yourself from legal problems and helping the collective effort of the circular economy. By favoring recycled automobile parts, you avoid the destructive waste of our planet’s resources! Through these simple actions, you too can become an actor in environmental protection!

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