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What do you need to know to choose the right air conditioning system? 

There are tenfold more brands of air conditioners on the market. Thus, there are thousands of models, making it difficult for buyers to choose. In order not to make a mistake, they must rely on certain criteria such as the price, the type of device, the model and the reputation of the brand of the air conditioner they wish to buy. However, apart from these points, there are details which, if carefully considered, will be of great benefit to your budget. Here’s everything you need to know to make your air conditioner purchase a success.

The reversible air conditioning system

The role of reversible air conditioning is to cool and heat the ambient air in a room or house. To cool a room, reversible air conditioning absorbs the heat present in the home and rejects it to the outside.

In the heating version , the process is reversed and the heat calories are distributed inside the room. In other words, the compression cycle is simply reversed to distribute cool air or warm air into a room, depending on the user’s preference.

Furthermore, as indicated , reversible air conditioning is 20% more expensive than simple air conditioning . However, its ability to convert into heating during the winter helps to make huge energy savings.

The air conditioning system with total air recycling option

This system is especially recommended in medical structures such as laboratories and hospitals. It allows the ambient air of the room to be replaced with healthy air thanks to a healthier and more qualitative process than all the systems previously mentioned. However, note that this air conditioning system is very expensive and consumes a lot of energy .

Choosing the right air conditioning unit

There are several air conditioning units, but the best among them are central air conditioning, portable air conditioning , and wall-mounted air conditioning . Central air conditioning is the best choice you can make if you live in a home with pre-installed ducts.

Here, we distinguish between mini block air conditioners which sell in a price range of 4000 euros, the split air conditioner sold from 2500 euros, the ceiling air conditioning system which sells for around 7000 euros and the heat pump delivered at 4000 euros. Portable air conditioning , on the other hand, is more recommended for people who live in rentals. Finally, the wall-mounted air conditioner , also called a split air conditioner, is the perfect choice for homes without air ducts.

Cost of installation and maintenance of an air conditioning system

First of all, know that the work of installing and maintaining an air conditioning system is the responsibility of a professional. The cost of installing a single split air conditioner is around 800 to 1500 euros. Allow between 1000 euros and 2500 euros for the installation of a multi-unit air conditioner.

Likewise, note that maintenance of an air conditioner must be done regularly. The operation is the responsibility of a refrigeration plumber and can cost you around 100 euros per year. Furthermore, to discover some techniques for successfully maintaining your air conditioning system.

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