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Moving help: list of steps to take for a move

A move is synonymous with a new start in life. To make this transition in the best possible conditions, it is important to ensure that logistics run smoothly. Once your acquisition has been made , packing it up is an essential step in the operation but it should not make you forget the administrative and other procedures. Indeed, forgetting this aspect necessarily leads to calls for order or technical problems which can spoil the pleasure of settling into your new home.

Establishing a precise schedule of tasks to be carried out is a central step in the smooth running of your move. This should be your first priority. To benefit from professional moving assistance, some companies now offer to support you in this tedious and sometimes complex process to allow you to concentrate on the logistical aspect of your change of address. Chronological explanations.

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Around 3 months before your moving date , you must first terminate your lease with your landlord, trustee or real estate agency. In consultation with your contact, you can set a date for the inventory. Contact CAF quickly to find out your rights and check your eligibility for the moving bonus. Furthermore, make sure that places are available in your children’s future school.

At this stage, it may be worth seeking professional help. For example, use Nextories for your move . Their expertise will allow you to benefit from the services of recognized and trustworthy companies. They can also help prepare the boxes and are involved in the relocation of your contracts, an important step but not always easy to carry out for those who are not used to it.

Before the move

Two months before your move and until the last week of your residence in your old home, the steps to be taken are numerous and sometimes tedious. The assistance of a specialized company significantly reduces the burden of moving. The list is indeed very long and requires sending multiple supporting documents. Canceling or transferring your auto or home insurance and cable and Internet subscription must be done promptly. Likewise, services related to gas, water and electricity must be contacted to take note of the closures and openings of the various networks.

At the administrative level , you must declare your new situation to the tax services. Also consider forwarding your mail and contacting your company’s human resources department. Your mobile operator should also be kept informed of your new address as soon as possible.

After the move

All these steps represent a heavy workload, especially when you are absorbed by the logistical constraints of a move. The companies dedicated to moving assistance provide welcome support which continues even after the keys are handed over . In fact, administrative procedures continue after moving in.

Social organizations and your bank must be aware of your new address within two months of the date you move into your new home. Updating your identity documents is optional but not your registration document. Be aware of all the restrictive aspects of such an operation and benefit from moving assistance by contacting these companies who will provide you with a free quote!

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