Everything you need to know about the key ring-making machine

To popularize a brand’s image beyond professional premises, manufacturing and distributing personalized key rings to employees and customers is an effective way. To make this holder, you will need a good quality key ring-making machine. Follow this guide to get useful information about the keychain-making machine.

Keychain-making machine: what is it?

A keychain-making machine is a device that can produce keychains of multiple designs, shapes, textures, and colors. With this tool, you can design personalized keyrings to suit your tastes. On the market, there are several types of machines for manufacturing this accessory.  is a quality keychain design machine supplier. These include the C-25 professional key ring manufacturing machine and the C-90 industrial key ring manufacturing machine. The first is a very powerful device, and more or less easy to use, which allows you to create key rings without great difficulty. The second is for industrial use with simple and quick instructions for use. Apart from these machines, this service provider offers machines capable of making badges and other personalized objects .

How does a personalized key ring manufacturing machine work?

A key ring making machine has two functions, namely: cutting and assembling . Today you will find models on the market with integrated assembly tools and others whose assembly instruments must be assembled before use.

To use this keychain design tool, three steps are essential. First, you must print the key ring design of your choice. Then, you must cut the sheets with the machine while following the shape of the printed model. Finally, you have to assemble the different parts of the key ring and that’s it!

How much does a keychain making machine cost?

The price of a keychain making machine varies depending on the manufacturer and its performance . Generally, the price of this device varies between 90 euros to 340 euros. You will find more sophisticated models on the market. However, we suggest that you budget at least 120 euros if you want to purchase a high-performance model.

How to choose a keychain making machine?

To ensure you choose the right key ring manufacturing machine , it is essential to take into consideration a few criteria. These include, among other things, the production capacity , the characteristics of the machine as well as the availability of its spare parts. Speaking of production potential, we suggest you choose your machine based on the number of key rings you plan to produce. Also, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics that the key rings to be produced must have for a successful choice. Finally, when making your choice, it is preferable to opt for a machine model for which replacement models are available on the market. This will make it easier for you to maintain and repair your device in the event of a breakdown.

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