Try the trail: running in the great outdoors

Ecology and its challenges will undoubtedly be determining elements for tomorrow’s society. Already, awareness is emerging and influences most of our behaviors and desires. In all areas of life, the ecological emergency is transforming our aspirations, pushing us more and more towards living things in their raw state. This is why running in the great outdoors , more commonly called trail running, is so popular and will be even more so in a few years. Explanations.

Running in the great outdoors to reconnect with life

The period of health crisis that we are experiencing, and which should reasonably end soon, is undoubtedly bringing profound changes to the very heart of what forms our civilization. By becoming aware of the importance of our relationship with nature, yesterday’s individuals were already turning to more environmentally friendly practices , but with Covid 19, this trend is only accelerating.

Running in the great outdoors is therefore driven by the widespread enthusiasm among individuals for all practices that allow us to reconnect with life. Rather than wearing shorts for running and walking the lifeless asphalt of big cities, many fans of long strides choose to turn to trail running. In the wide open spaces preserved from the proliferation of Man, the runner can finally mobilize the raw energy of virgin nature and free his mind and body from the social shackles.

Trail running, when the competition goes green

But if running in the great outdoors is so popular, it is also because it allows you to surpass yourself in the face of extraordinary challenges. Trail running is in fact a long-distance race, the main goal of which is not necessarily to run constantly to cross the finish line first. Aside from a few high-level aliens, for most competitors the first challenge is to first complete the course within the allotted time.

Indeed, trails are practiced over long distances, generally in particularly difficult conditions. Some mountain courses are particularly challenging and provide a unique opportunity to test your limits and then push them back . Trail running is therefore a wonderful life lesson, a natural force for carving out a strong personality but also a practice that requires suitable equipment.

Equipment, an essential asset for success in trail running

Long-distance running in the great outdoors involves dangers which, if controlled, should not be taken lightly. We therefore strongly advise you to visit the pages of specialized equipment suppliers such as You will find shorts, leggings and pants specifically designed for trail running, allowing you to increase the quality of your performance.

Better yet, the site offers a whole range of accessories which are essential for those who practice trail running. We think, for example, of headlamps , obligatory for trudging at night on steep trails, but also of poles, necessary to stabilize oneself, as well as gloves to protect one’s extremities from the bite of the cold at high altitudes on these very particular hikes.

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