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Take care of and protect your lawn with this natural fertilizer

Do you know diatomaceous earth? It is the most effective natural fertilizer for your lawn. Not only does it nourish the soil in our gardens, but it also effectively rids it of pests. And all this without chemical and toxic additives!

As a natural fertilizer for your grass

Plants or animals: all organisms on the planet need food to develop! Knowing that the earth’s mantle is composed on average of 60% silica, considering diatomaceous earth as a natural fertilizer is essential. In fact, diatomaceous earth is composed of 90% silica dioxide on average. This high rate can be explained by the shells of dead microscopic algae which are the fossils of Jurassic marine life.

These “Diatoms” also provide a high content of trace elements and mineral salts. So many substances that help grass , plants and trees grow. Some studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of the use of this diatom powder in the productivity of citrus trees. Indeed, without a silica deficiency, the tree is no longer obliged to concentrate its resources to fight against external aggression.

As an effective insecticide

Caterpillars, ants, aphids, ticks, grubs, etc.: nothing resists diatomaceous earth powder! For what ? Because it does not allow harmful insects to mutate and become habituated. This is the case for chemical pesticides . Diatomaceous earth acts mechanically by perforating the bodies of pests from the outside as well as the inside. Through these shears, the insects lose their bodily fluids and dry out before dying. This natural insecticide is particularly effective against crawling insects such as cockroaches, bedbugs or woodlice.

Without external aggressors, your grass regains all the splendor of beautiful pastures. To protect it well, sprinkle it with diatomaceous earth evenly or in particular places. For its effect to be visible, make sure to apply it when the climate is suitable. Winds and rain can lift it and weaken its action. In addition, this treatment should be done regularly except during flowering periods. It is at this time that pollinating insects fertilize the flowers so that the fruits that we eat are then born. Thanks to them, we fill our plates!

Or as sunscreen

No more dry grass corners and holes in your lawn! Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent sun protection for your garden. White, beige or gray depending on the marine environment from which it comes, this silica earth is like sunscreen. In addition, it knows how to capture solar energy and preserve it to prevent it from damaging plants. This is why it is used against burns or sunburns.

Not to mention its power of absorption! It can store 180% of its weight in water. Nothing trivial since, thus, the earth is well hydrated. How ? Sprinkled evenly, diatomaceous earth redistributes water without irregularity. It also promotes capillarity for better aeration of the roots.

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