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How to have a beautiful lawn?

To have a beautiful lawn, the secret is none other than maintenance. A good lawn is made up of bushy grass of good density. In addition, it has good resistance to trampling. To have a beautiful lawn, mowing, and watering are not enough. Other actions are also required, namely: rolling, fertilizing, and scarifying. By the way, there are routine maintenance and periodic maintenance to have a good lawn.

Promote the production of green stems

To achieve these results, you must practice passing the roller. The first pass is carried out at the end of winter to put the grasses back in place. Then, once a month, a new pass is necessary after mowing the lawn. Using a lawnmower is valuable but don’t forget the edges. Therefore, the choice of a good brush cutter or edger is necessary to trim the entire lawn, even the most difficult-to-access places.

Rolling the roller strengthens the grasses so that they produce several stems from an initial plant. Rolling then allows for a denser plant cover. Thus, the lawn is magnificent which is an asset for the occupant but also an advantage for selling the house more quickly .

Eliminate felts and foams

Sometimes it happens that the lawn is yellowed by moss and felt. The solution is to scarify the lawn. Old dry roots and mowing waste are sources of thick thatch which are not good for aerating the soil and nourishing the lawn. You must use a scarifier to solve the problem and have a beautiful lawn. The best time to use the scarifier is spring and autumn because this is the period of active growth of the lawn. For this purpose, the roots are fertilized.

Mow for invigorated roots

It is very important to aerate the soil because mowing and frequent watering compact the soil, especially if the grass is already a few years old and trampling is repeated. Air cannot easily penetrate to the roots. To solve the problem, you must use a mechanical aerator in the spring. If necessary, aeration must be repeated in the fall. When doing so, mow the grass as close as possible. Note that the mechanical aerator is a type of roller equipped with points which mark holes in the ground. For a small area, it is possible to have a beautiful lawn using aerating pads attached under the shoes.

Water regularly

The frequency of watering depends on precipitation. Indeed, between June and September, the lawn, which is already in good condition, must be watered twice a week with fine rain. The watering period can be started earlier or extended by a few months, during periods of water shortage. At each watering, the quantity of water must be well dosed between 5 and 10 m/m. If possible, it is best to use a rainfall gauge.

Feed the lawn with fertilizer

The period from March to October is the period when the lawn needs fertilizer to stay good. At least three fertilizer applications must be made during this period. It is better to opt for fertilizers rich in nitrogen. When spreading, uniformity must be maintained to avoid color difference on the surface in the event of too much poorly distributed spreading. If the area is large enough, it is necessary to use a spreader which allows precision during spreading. The lawn must be watered after spreading. If part of the lawn is yellowing despite maintenance, organic fertilizer should be added to solve the problem.

Carry out maintenance for good rooting

To promote rooting, it is necessary to terrace the lawn in May and October. It also needs to be mown regularly, perhaps 2 to 3 times a week.

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