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Winter garden: feeling better outside

What’s better than staying out as late as you want, whatever the weather ? So take out your favorite garden furniture and get ready to combat the cold evenings.

After enjoying a beautiful warm day/evening of outdoor dining, there is nothing worse than having to go back inside because it got cold. A good terrace layout can be the solution. It allows you to extend your outdoor experience until late at night.

The layout of the terrace

So you have decided to take advantage of a winter garden and improve your terrace ? You do not know where to start ? Here is an idea of ​​what is available and will encourage you to take the step towards the terrace of your dreams.

Choosing a suitable roof for your terrace

First, you need to make sure your roof is properly waterproofed. If you place flower beds or plants directly on the cover, you may need special protection . Ensure that water is always drained to drainage wells.

Additionally, the plants on your patio will also be thirsty from time to time, especially if they are placed in areas exposed to the wind . A water pipe and water connection must therefore be available. So you have the option of installing a fully automatic patio watering system. This makes the job much easier.

Benefit from thermal insulation

The use of insulation materials prevents heat loss. It affects the microclimate of the house and also increases the cost of heating. To avoid this, you should learn about the materials presented on the market and purchase roof insulation .

There are generally no fees .

Additionally, it reduces the design burden and lowers the overall labor cost . The material must consist of non-combustible raw materials. This will allow you to benefit from fire safety of the entire structure.

High quality material indicates its ability to resist the effects of water . It is necessary to choose such an environmentally friendly heat insulator.

Types of pergola for winter garden

There are many types of pergolas , with the factors that determine yours being both the material used and the design . Here are some types of pergolas to choose from:

Zip pergolas

The Zip pergola is the largest of its kind . With a projection of up to 7 meters and a filigree design, you can also use it to protect large terraces from sun and bad weather. The patented design guarantees optimal fabric tension, even at maximum projection.

This type of pergolas is the ideal solution to protect you from the sun’s rays, wind and rain. It also protects against mosquitoes on a terrace. The cassette with ZIP guides has a patented system allowing you to easily adjust the tension of the canvas if necessary. Otherwise, the retractable side zipper effectively protects the sides of your pergola.

Glass pergolas

Side glazing offers the possibility of transforming your pergola into an uninsulated veranda , or simply of elegantly separating a room from the garden or another part of the house. It offers more variations than fixed, sliding and hinged glass panels or hinged and sliding glass doors.

As with a winter garden, exterior glazing allows the garden to be used even in bad weather . An extended living room. If desired, side glazing provides additional protection against wind and rain.

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