Wage portage: Who is this activity aimed at?

Many profiles can engage in salary portage. This type of activity offers them an opportunity to work independently while benefiting from social security coverage. With the different benefits that can be enjoyed, more and more workers are becoming interested in it.

But which ones are most concerned and can launch themselves as independent consultants? The answer to this question will be detailed later in this section. But before going any further, it is better to understand what the term “salary gate” means. Decryption.

The general definition of salary portage

The salary portability status is of interest to more and more employees. This is a form of employment that allows them to have more independence and freedom in carrying out their services. Despite this specific case, covered employees benefit from complete social security coverage like all company employees. But before finding out who can do salary portage , it is better to know what this term actually means. Generally speaking, salary portage presents itself as a tripartite contractual relationship. On this, its realization therefore depends on three very distinguished entities, namely the independent consultant, the client company and the wage portage company.

Its compromise between independence and employment sets it apart from other statuses. There are three types of contracts that the different parties must sign: the employment contract, the mission contract and the portage agreement. These amendments should not be taken lightly because they determine all the activities and services to be carried out within the framework of salary portage. The main advantage of becoming an employed employee is to benefit from the security of the status of an employee as well as the flexibility of an independent worker. However, it should be noted that this form of employment presents very important regulations which are subject to several criteria.

What is the profile most suited to salary portability?

Work in terms of salary portability cannot be improvised. If you do not have the right profile, it is better to abstain to avoid any type of inconvenience, such as lack of income. So, in order to know if you are made for this type of work, here is some information to take into account, starting with the conditions for becoming an employee.

To be a supported employee, the worker must meet three mandatory conditions of the Collective Agreement of March 22, 2017. This clearly stipulates that the independent consultant must have a bac+2 diploma in his specialty. This status corresponds to the level of technician or supervisor. Then, it is imperative to receive a gross salary of at least 2,397 euros. He must also have a financial reserve estimated at 10% of the value previously indicated. This may vary depending on the regulations in force. Finally, experience of at least three years in your sector of activity remains necessary to become a dedicated employee. Below are the various most coveted profiles with salary portage:

The employee looking for a new paid activity

An employee at the end of their employment contract constitutes an ideal profile to become a consultant. This opportunity allows him to continue his activities while putting his skills at the service of others. Thanks to salary portage, it is entirely possible to keep your current status as an employee.

The worker in full professional reconversion

If your field of activity is not suitable for salary portage, there is still a way to access it. You just need to retrain in another sector where you can develop your experiences. The support of your new employer, that is to say the portage company, allows you to integrate into this world with ease.

Young graduates, the right profile for salary portability

The first concern of young graduates at the end of their university career concerns the job search. In order to facilitate their integration into the professional world, salary portage constitutes an excellent alternative. Not only does this offer enable you to strengthen your skills, but it also enriches your professional experience. Furthermore, salary portability allows them to follow work-study training.

Self-employed workers or freelancers

Self-employed workers are constantly looking for security in their activities. And for good reason, their title of freelancer does not allow them to remain sheltered in terms of remuneration. By opting for salary portage, they will have the privilege of carrying out their activities in complete autonomy and flexibility while enjoying the interests of employee status. On this, they can benefit from social coverage and unemployment insurance.

Young entrepreneurs

This profile of business creator is perfectly suited to salary portage. Because creating a company requires certain steps that must be followed, some entrepreneurs are unable to do so. Analyzing the market in which you want to operate is very important.

This is why it is better to opt for salary portability in order to protect yourself against risks. It allows entrepreneurs to test or present their services to real customers. In this context, it is possible to adjust your ambition to create a business according to the recommendations of the umbrella company.

International consultants

It is clear that language and cultural barriers can constitute an obstacle in the job market. Fortunately, wage portage presents an adequate solution to this type of problem. So that everyone, even abroad, can benefit from this offer, simply join a payroll company. This choice presents no problems and allows every job seeker in the world to work in complete autonomy.

Transition management consultants

To help companies in the midst of a crisis, interim managers can intervene at any time. These people generally have a managerial profile, which allows salary portage to facilitate their integration.

Thanks to their experience of providing temporary work in the most important positions in companies, he will not have difficulty finding work as an independent consultant. In addition to this, a client company remains able to contact him in the context of setting up and managing a new project.

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