The benefits of cashmere

Cashmere is an animal fiber from Capra Hirucs. This breed of goat is smaller in size compared to European breeds, and is native to the Himalayan highlands, in a region between Pakistan, Ladakh, and Tibet.

The wool used to make cashmere clothing comes from the undercoat of this endemic species, which is why it is rare and very expensive. In addition to this “expensive” side of cashmere, this material has countless advantages. You will find the details below.

Cashmere has insulating properties

Among the basics you absolutely must have in your wardrobe, a cashmere scarf for women . Having one is essential to be protected from the cold in winter and insulated from the outside heat in summer. Thanks to its insulating properties, this material can reduce thermal bridges, a characteristic that allows you to wear it all year round, even in the off-season.

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere will not expose you to hyperthermia in hot weather. On the contrary, it allows you to benefit from its thermoregulatory side, to guarantee you permanent comfort when wearing it.

Cashmere is unparalleled elegance

Cashmere is a true representation of elegance in the literal sense. Whether you wear a scarf, a sweater, or a dress in this material, your outfit will reflect grace and refinement.

Compared to other fabrics, cashmere symbolizes luxury, so much so that it appeals to both older and younger people. It surely owes its charm and voluptuousness to its visual reflection which defies time and trials.

Cashmere brings endless softness

Clothing and accessories made using these high mountain goat downs are soft and very elastic. Even if you stretch them, they always return to their initial firmness in just a few seconds. In terms of appearance, cashmere offers a silky finish and is very pleasant to the touch. 100% natural, it doesn’t just keep you warm.

It absorbs moisture and easily wicks away perspiration, without retaining bad odors. It is very respectful of the skin, and in no case risks irritating. A cocoon of softness par excellence, it quickly became a preferred material for active people, thanks to its delicacy and lightness.

Cashmere is a very high-end product

If you appreciate high-end items, with perfectly crafted cuts, noble materials, and impeccable finishes, turn to cashmere ready-to-wear. This material makes it possible to create high-quality clothing, which is in high demand in the luxury sector.

Thanks to this feature, it can be worn next to the skin, without being unpleasant. And don’t be surprised if real cashmere cannot be obtained at any price. It is expensive, precisely, because it is exceptional and almost indestructible.

Cashmere is an easy-care material

Cashmere is a material that must be constantly pampered. However, there is nothing complicated regarding its maintenance. The first thing you need to know is that he likes water. To this end, the more you wash it, the softer and more pleasant it becomes on the skin. When it comes to washing, you don’t need fabric softener or “special cashmere” products.

Regular wool detergent is more than enough to make it clean and shiny. And when you need to dry it, all you have to do is spread it flat on an absorbent towel. A little cloud of steam in the process, and it’s smoothed out. Ironing is not even necessary.

Wearing cashmere only has advantages. Don’t hesitate to invest in this luxurious material for your comfort in all seasons.

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