Luxury car: big bursts of madness for forty-year-olds

When we reach the age of 40, both men and women sometimes experience what we call a midlife crisis. It was originally a bout of depression. One morning, we wake up, and we realize that we haven’t lived enough and that life goes very quickly. We tell ourselves that at 40, we know that if we want to indulge in something crazy, there isn’t much time left (which is completely false today). In this situation, we must recognize that some people break down more than others.

The luxury car

Unfortunately, this is not a cliché that we only see in a movie. From a certain age, we realize that we have not become what we dreamed of. Men, for example, wanted to look like James Bond or one of those mythical female billionaires in the movies. Only, with a few wrinkles and a nice buoy, we look more like Robert than Redford. This is partly why they compensate with a nice luxury car .

Moreover, it is a madness that has become accessible with the second-hand market . The other reason is that the man realizes that he has not lived dangerously enough and wishes to have more sensations through speed (but this is also because he feels himself getting old). You understand better why the family station wagon that he takes to the laundromat every week weighs him down a bit.

Around the world alone

This phenomenon is quite recent. Men are motivated for the same reasons as above. But rather than investing in appearance and the superficial, they will choose the human experience by embarking on a road trip.

Overnight, it’s gone! They get their motorcycle license and set out to conquer Asia to discover new horizons . You will have understood, it is the change of scenery, the human adventure and the quest for the unknown which are the most sought after. Generally, what men who embark on this type of project want is to go through a psychological stage to better accept maturity.

Rooms and outdoor spaces

For comfort within your living space, accommodation capacity is an essential criterion. The rental of a mobile home on the island of Oléron must take into account the number of people who will occupy the space. Therefore, remember to check the number of bedrooms  in the camper van. Indeed, it is noted that some mobile home owners convert the beds into bunks in the same room to accommodate all vacationers. Therefore, if you have to stay as a family with your children, it is essential to choose a coach with a bedroom for parents  and a bedroom for children. If you need to bring a baby with you, check if they have a bed to sleep on.

During the summer holidays, campers will certainly want to spend time in outdoor spaces. So take the time to check if the terrace is right for you. Do you prefer a wooden or PVC terrace  ? Is the terrace equipped with a cover to regulate the temperature? An elevated outdoor space is preferable, so you can enjoy pleasant moments with your family while having your meals while being assured of not being disturbed by the vagaries of the weather.

Mobile home equipment

The camper must be well equipped to allow you to lead a practical life . A heater is an essential device if you have to go to a destination with cool evenings during the Easter holidays for example. As for the kitchen, it must be  equipped with hotplates in good condition, a refrigerator that can contain and preserve your food, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. 

Classic campsites generally offer shared bathrooms. If you favor comfort at the expense of economy, opt for a comfortable mobile home with a  bathroom . For more privacy, you can also choose a luxury mobile home where each bedroom has a bathroom.

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