Tips for choosing the right paint color for your interior

Well beyond the aesthetic side, the colors of the structures and in particular those of the walls have a considerable influence on the atmosphere of the rooms, of the entire interior and on the mood and well-being of the occupants. It is therefore appropriate to attach paramount importance to the selection of shades in the context of decoration finishing a construction or for an interior renovation.

Which paint shades for which rooms?

Colors have a considerable impact on the emotions and well-being of a building’s occupants. The choice of paint shades for the walls is mainly based on the use and destination of the room.

For information :

  • blue inspires calm. This color is therefore suitable for spaces dedicated to relaxation such as the bedroom and the bathroom,
  • green promotes balance and is associated with serenity. This shade is more suitable for a bathroom and small touches in a living room or bedroom,
  • Yellow is a sparkling and sunny color, evoking warmth and cheerfulness. This shade is perfect for a child’s bedroom and brings a touch of conviviality, with small touches in the living room or in the entrance,
  • White is a basic color which refers to light, grandeur, purity. This shade is appropriate for all rooms and blends perfectly with other brighter or more intense shades, offering more character to the decoration and/or a particular atmosphere to the space,
  • black and dark tones evoke luxury and authority. These shades are used in combination with lighter, more sparkling shades, in the bedroom or living room. They also come into the kitchen to bring a touch of modernity and character.

You can opt for a single shade or combine several colors, making sure to choose the right combinations. This last alternative modernizes the space, offers more character to the decoration and enhances and supports the atmosphere of the room. The colors of the structures constitute the basic references allowing you to choose the colors to use for the equipment and other elements to be integrated into the room to create a neat and harmonized layout.

How to find the most suitable interior paint colors?

In addition to the basic principle of selecting colors per room, the choice of colors for interior painting is also based on individual preferences. This point is not debatable.

Furthermore, the selection of shades for interior walls is also influenced by the trend in interior decoration. This field is constantly evolving. Painting techniques evolve over time.

The best way to ensure you find the paint shades best suited to your needs and your interior is to seek the advice, or even the intervention, of a professional painter. The expert will be able to consider your tastes and adapt them to current trends while referring to the basic rules. It provides dedicated and fully personalized support throughout the completion of the project: from the selection of paint to the finalization of interior painting work.

 puts you in touch with qualified and experienced painters near you. The professionals listed on the site are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. They have a SIRET number. You can easily assess their skills and professionalism via the reviews and ratings left on the website by Internet customers who have already used their services.

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