How Does A Car Trade-in By A Dealer Work?

Trading in a car to buy another is possible. However, in some situations, the car seller will indicate that your car is not eligible for trade-in. However, this rarely happens.

The car salesman may even want to trade in a car when he knows yours will have to be scrapped immediately. In this case, of course, you get a low trade-in price for your car, but trade-in is still possible.

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Trading in a car to buy another

The price of the car you are going to buy

The discount is taken into account

Trading in a car to buy another

If you buy another car from a dealer, you can usually trade in yours. You take your vehicle to the dealership, you say which car you want to buy, and you indicate which car you want to trade it with. The seller will inspect your car inside and out.

Every scratch in the paint and every stain on the tapestry will be noted. So that the seller has a complete picture of your car, he will ask you for all the information regarding the car. Based on this, he can determine how much the car could be sold. Next, it will also look at the price of the car you plan to buy. This price also plays a role in determining the trade-in value of your car.

Before going to the dealership, ask for the trade-in value. This way you indicate the value of your car. This prevents you from receiving a really bad offer and gives you a stronger negotiating position because you indicate the current market price.

The price of the car you are going to buy

You can buy a completely new car, a car that is only a few years old, or an already old car. Some people buy an old car for a small amount every year, only to get rid of it after a year. This could be for financial reasons, but also because you like driving classic cars. It’s important to keep in mind that the price of the car you want to buy will also influence the price you can get for your car when you trade it in.

Your current car will increase in value as the car you want to buy becomes more expensive. For example, you can get 250 euros for your car if you buy a car for 2,000 euros, and for the same car you can get 750 euros if you buy a box for 6,000 euros.

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The price of your car is therefore not only determined by your car itself, but also by the one you are buying. The more expensive your new (or used) car is, the higher the trade-in value of your current car.

The discount is taken into account

A car has a certain value. How can there be such a difference in the trade-in value of the same car, just because the car you are buying has a different price? This is actually a clever trick by car dealers.

The fact is that you can always get a discount when you buy a car. Still, the automotive sector is one of the rare sectors where there are always opportunities for negotiation.

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