The Ideal School Bags For Little Schoolchildren

Do you want the start of the school year to go smoothly for your child, as well as the entire school year? Don’t hesitate to offer him a new school bag, especially one that suits his size and the volume of his school belongings and also a school bag that suits his taste.

As you know, the school bag is equipment that will accompany your child throughout the year. It will be subject to daily use and it will be part of the elements that make up your child’s look. So, you need to select it carefully.

Why choose Tann’s satchels?

To help you make your choice, we should introduce you to Tann’s satchels. These are indeed robust satchels produced by leather goods professionals and dedicated to young schoolchildren.

Before the year 2000, they were designed with split leather, but since the Tann’s license was bought by two nostalgic thirty-somethings, they are made with polyester. Tann’s satchels stand out for their quality and robustness. They are strong and light and ensure the comfort of children with their ergonomic back and straps.

Without further ado, discover our page to choose between the different sizes of Tann’s satchels: the 32 cm satchel, the 35 cm satchel, the 38 cm satchel or the 41 cm satchel. And also take the opportunity to take a look at the Tann’s collection, including: the essentials, Iconic, the heathers, the good children, the chic girls, the capsules, the two-tones and the fantasies.

What are the best Tann’s satchels at the moment?

The Tann’s 38 cm satchel – Les Fantaisies

If you want to know our favorite, well, it’s Tann’s 38 cm Les Fantaisies satchel. This has two compartments and a front zipped pocket and measures 38 x 31 x x15 cm. It is a model that is perfect for young schoolchildren in CP and primary school.

It stands out for its particular design, its wide imitation leather bands around the edge and its perfectly finished seams. Added to this, it has a name tag on the front, a reinforced imitation leather handle, a padded back, adjustable straps and a reinforced bottom.

Its spacious interior can hold notebooks and large-format books and its zippered pocket is very practical for storing pencils, pens and other stationery accessories. Finally, we must not forget that all of its compartments are covered by a flap with a metal tuck closure and on the latter is attached a small schedule holder.

The Tann’s 38 cm wheeled satchel – The antiques

The other Tann’s satchel that may also interest you is the Tann’s 38 cm Les chinés wheeled satchel. This model is also part of the 2020 collection and it attracts many parents and children with its attractive exterior.

In fact, it is equipped with a trolley system consisting of wheels and a telescopic handle and it also has a reinforced handle and bottom, a padded back and adjustable straps. Its interior has two compartments, a special ruler slot, a timetable slot and a small front zipped pocket. And these compartments are closed by a flap with a practical clasp.

When you are at school or looking for a practical bag to carry your belongings, it can be very useful to turn to a wheeled satchel. Indeed, when you are a middle school or high school student, or even in higher education, you need to carry a lot of stuff. And when you carry several books every day to your classes, it can quickly become quite heavy. A schoolbag on wheels will therefore be much more practical.

In addition, designers have managed to create ever more elegant fashionable satchels. There will therefore be no problem carrying it or dragging it to the ground in the corridors of the school establishment. If your child has pain in the back or shoulders, this will help relieve their pain. But it can also be useful to you if you are a professional who often has to transport a lot of things for their work.

The advantages of a good wheeled satchel 

If the wheeled school bag has become an increasingly popular accessory among students and workers, it is because of its many advantages. Here is a list of all the ones that you can enjoy or that your children can enjoy.

Lighter satchels

Traditional school bags and bags can be very heavy, especially when filled with books and other school supplies. With a wheeled satchel, users can easily move their load without having to carry it on their back, which can reduce fatigue and muscle pain . Especially now that you sometimes have to transport heavy objects, like computers.

Better ergonomics

Wheeled schoolbags are ergonomically designed to allow people who own them to move them easily and comfortably. They are equipped with sturdy handles that allow them to be easily handled at any time. The wheels are also designed to roll easily on smooth or rough floors, allowing users to move around with ease.

Always more storage

Wheeled school bags are generally larger than traditional ones , which means they offer more space to store books, notebooks, laptops and any supplies that students or professionals will need.

Greater sustainability

Wheeled school bags are made from durable materials such as nylon or polyester, which means they can withstand everyday use. The wheels and handles are also designed to withstand regular use, ensuring that people who own them can use their wheeled schoolbag for longer.

Greater ease of movement

Wheeled school bags can be easily moved through tight spaces, such as narrow hallways, stairs or doorways. This can be convenient for students who have to navigate crowded hallways between classes. Some may even have wheels that fit on stairs. 

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