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How to restore dynamism to your garden?

There is always a funny observation to make about gardens. When people want to buy an apartment after years, they want a large green space. Then, after a few months or years for the bravest, we notice that the garden is less and less maintained and that nothing intends it to become a place to live. To avoid getting to this point, make the right decisions and roll up your sleeves to renovate your garden!

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Covering: a crucial point for renovating your garden

Equipment and accessories for living

Style for a unique garden

Covering: a crucial point for renovating your garden

Before deciding on your garden table, direct your concerns towards the central point of your garden: its covering. There are dozens of ways to renovate your garden and they have a strong impact on what you can put in your garden and the maintenance required.

Very often, we like to have a beautiful patch of lawn. However, make sure that it is well sown and that the space is completely flat. Otherwise, you will end up with clumps of grass, holes in the lawn and no one will want to put their foot in them for fear of twisting their ankle. In addition, anticipate the fact that it will often need to be mowed. So avoid areas that are too large compared to your love for mowing.

Always have another space that is usable no matter the season. The chosen coating can be concrete which is all-purpose or resin. Resin like that of DSM Grand-Est has serious advantages. Already, it is beautiful and gives an impression of class to your exterior. Then, it is very easy to maintain, supports heavy loads and does not slip.

So many qualities that will delight all members of your family.

Equipment and accessories for living

Unless you want to do football practice, what can you expect from a virgin pitch? Like any room in your house, the garden must become a living space where you feel good. This is only possible by arranging it.

For children, a little house or a slide will amuse them. However, don’t add too much for fear that your exterior will look like a playpen.

For the family, plan a large table where you enjoy eating a barbecue or a salad in summer. Take equipment designed for outdoors to prevent them from deteriorating too quickly. Take a look at Leroy Merlin ‘s products .

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Depending on your wishes, add other accessories. If you are passionate about reading, a deck chair will be perfect for reading while lulled by the sun.

Obviously, the swimming pool is a classic in a garden, but anticipate its purchase and maintenance cost carefully because the bill mounts quickly even if you only use it four months a year…

Style for a unique garden

Unless you lived in the 80s, you don’t want to put a garden gnome on your lawn. On the other hand, a beautiful sculpture will have its effect.

The chosen vegetation is also important. A flower bed and a vegetable garden are classic choices. But once again, be aware as soon as they are integrated that they require work on your part otherwise they will become abandoned and ugly lands. We give you the same advice for hedges and shrubs which require at least annual pruning, which proves to be long and difficult for non-athletic people.

Customization can even go as far as the coating. If we take the example of resin again, this material is customizable. You can add color, a pattern, a message… Enough to renovate your garden and make it truly unique!

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