Ladies, how to take care of your intimate hygiene?

is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Poor hygiene or bad habits can quickly lead to serious problems such as infections or illnesses. For this reason, it is essential to become aware of the importance of vaginal flora and to do everything to keep it in optimal working order.

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The vaginal microbiota: the key point

Hygiene, but not excess

See your doctor promptly if you have a problem

The vaginal microbiota: the key point

From the moment you are born, several microbiota are formed, which we more generally call “flora”. These are groups of positive bacteria which, instead of causing you health problems, fight against infections and viruses. In women, there are three different microbiota: the oral microbiota (the mouth), the intestinal microbiota and the vaginal microbiota.

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If you have a poor vaginal microbiota, you will be more easily exposed to urinary infections or the appearance of fungal infections.

Hygiene, but not excess

Some women think that to put an end to infections, it is necessary to increase the number of intimate toiletries. They then use all the treatments available to them without worrying about the impact on their flora.

As we saw in the previous part, the microbiota is made up of positive bacteria so you can imagine that if you destroy all the bacteria, it will not necessarily be positive.

It is recommended to always use care dedicated to the intimate parts of your body. They are less aggressive and respect your flora. Despite everything, use them sparingly (one or two treatments per week).

The period immediately after sexual intercourse is a key period. Indeed, the man with his penis transmits many foreign bodies to your penis. Certain sexual practices further accentuate this natural phenomenon. It is recommended that you urinate within five minutes of intercourse and wash yourself. By doing so, a good part of the bacteria disappears.

Other classic rules must be respected. This is the case for your lingerie. There is no point in taking care of your penis if every day you cover it with panties that have been lying on the floor all night.

Change your underwear daily and put the clean ones in healthy places such as a closed closet or a regularly cleaned wardrobe drawer.

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See your doctor promptly if you have a problem

Statistics show that more and more women never consult a gynecologist. However, it is very important to do this to detect possible serious illnesses or abnormalities in the vagina, but also to have a diagnosis of the state of your flora.

However, even if you don’t have a gynecologist, you can talk to your doctor. Many doctors are able to advise you if you notice the appearance of a yeast infection or suffer from a urinary infection.

We must act quickly and not let things get worse. For example, simple urinary infections, only painful and annoying at first, can end up in much more worrying infections of the kidneys.

Be careful, other behaviors such as your diet have consequences on your vaginal microbiota. In this article , you will see that it is necessary to provide probiotics, either natural or through supplements, to all your microbiota. Poor nutrition, consisting only of fatty and industrialized foods, does not provide these probiotics.

Practicing a sport or reducing your antibiotic intake are also recommended for your body. Who would have thought it, jogging can be positive for the hygiene of your genitals!

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