How to get good custom wigs 

The wig is today an essential accessory for many women. Practical, aesthetic, and easy to maintain, it brings beauty and can help highlight certain features. To get the most out of this beauty accessory, it is essential that it is of good quality and adapted to the shape of the face.

There are many other elements to take into account when choosing a wig. It is essential to take into account certain criteria to make the best-informed decisions. Learn how to get the best experience from your wigs!

The criteria for choosing the right wig

To have a good wig, it is essential to make a preliminary evaluation. It is of great importance in making the right choice. The options are quite considerable with things like color, length, and type of wig.

The type of wig

There are two main types of wigs: natural wigs and synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fiber. They offer many advantages. Thanks to advances in manufacturing processes, some manufacturers are employing techniques to make synthetic hair look identical to natural hair to the naked eye.

Easy to maintain, wigs of this type maintain their nature and are available at rather affordable prices. Please note that synthetic wigs cannot be exposed to irons or hair dryers. In reality, these accessories are not designed to withstand heat. It is not easy to regularly change the style of the hairstyle with this model.

With synthetic wigs, you will not be able to dye them. Although they do not have as long a lifespan as natural wigs, synthetic wigs mostly come in different varieties of colors and designs.

Natural wigs are considered high-end accessories. They are made with human hair which gives them a natural appearance similar to your hair. , you discover a wide variety of natural wigs meeting all needs.

These wigs offer the option of coloring or changing hairstyles as needed. They can undergo the same treatments as your natural hair. Less financially accessible, this type of wig has a longer lifespan.

Length and style

The length of a good wig is chosen according to your preferences, but also according to the shape of your face. Short, straight wigs with volume are best recommended for people with round faces. To lengthen the face, you can choose a long cut or another mid-length one.

If you have a long face, it would be interesting to favor mid-length cuts with bangs and volume. It is suitable for all lengths and styles of wigs.

With thin faces, the ideal is to favor wigs that highlight the facial features. These include curly cuts or those with maximum volume. Finally, women with a triangular face can opt for cuts offering a gradient.

The colour

The choice of color should be made taking into account skin color and the occasions on which the wigs will be worn. If your skin tones tend towards warm colors, it would be interesting to opt for warm-colored wigs. The same goes for cold tones.

Consider size and comfort

A good wig also adapts to your head size. It is made to measure. To have the right wig, you need to know the different sizes that exist. You also need to have the size of your head circumference. There are generally three categories: small, standard and large sizes.

Inside the cups, manufacturers insert small hooks or Velcro straps with elastic bands. They are intended to adjust the size if necessary. When choosing a size, you should also consider the thickness of the hair. To measure your head size, you will just need a measuring tape.

Whether wigs are comfortable depends in part on the base of the wig. Many frames are used in making wigs. These are elements like monofilament, tulle or cinema tulle.

The monofilament allows you to obtain a wig with an almost transparent base. It creates a natural effect. As for tulle, it is suitable to guarantee comfort for people with sensitive scalps. The frame is also a key element in judging the quality of a wig.

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