What should we understand about transition management?

For good business management, opting for an appropriate managerial policy is necessary. This must depend on the objectives of the company and the skills of the manager. Among other things, transition management may prove necessary within a company, on an ad hoc basis. Here are more details on this type of management!

What does transition management consist of?

By any definition, interim management is the secondment of a leader (a manager) of a certain standing in a company to occupy an operational position. This generally happens quickly and only lasts a few months in most cases. Thus, several situations can lead the company to resort to transition management with Nim Europe for example.

The transition manager is a person outside the company who has the skills to execute a transformation project. Its mission will therefore be to take charge of this operational implementation. Several other situations may require the use of transition management.

Under what circumstances is transition management necessary?

If you need to implement a new project and you do not have the required skills internally, interim management can be a reliable solution for you. This is the case, for example, when you want to set up a new organization when you want to build a branch or operate a complex device. The intervention of the transition manager can also be useful when you want to modify or improve the management of your business plan in the company.

Interim management is also recommended when the main manager of a company must be absent for a certain period (travel, illness, maternity leave) . To ensure the continuity of activities, the professional requested will replace the manager while awaiting his replacement.

When the company is going through a crisis, you can call on this type of management. The occupant of this operational position will then do everything possible thanks to his know-how to turn around the activity in difficulty. You can then entrust him with the reorganization of the structure or technical problems.

In which sectors is transition management most in demand?

Whatever the sector in which your company’s activity is located, you can use transition management. However, certain types of businesses are more affected than others. For example,  individual businesses in general and those involved in the service and distribution of goods often find themselves in situations requiring the support of an interim manager.

In public or public services, transition management also finds its place. Likewise, whatever the geographical location of the company, it may need this managerial service.

Certain strategic positions in companies cannot be vacant. For this, as soon as there is a malfunction or unavailability, the best solution is to resort to transition management. The targeted positions are:

  • General manager ;
  • Human Resources Director ;
  • Financial Director and Industrial Management.

Workers who are also involved in the supply chain for communication, IT, and digital marketing are also very valuable. In the event of unavailability, the transition manager should act as interim manager.

Finally, it would be to your advantage to contact a consulting firm before the intervention of the transition manager. The firm will establish a roadmap that the service provider will follow to achieve the set objectives.

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