What Do You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions?

Every woman dreams of having perfect eyelashes without having to use mascara or eyelash curlers. Just like hair extensions, eyelash extensions are techniques that allow you to obtain a look that is as natural as it is stunning. You will then have an easier time achieving a doe-eye effect for a sublime look. It now remains to know how eyelash extensions are applied, and especially which extensions to choose for a result suited to your needs. Without further ado, find out everything there is to know about this subject in this article.

Eyelash extensions in a few words

An eyelash extension is a technique aimed at placing permanent eyelashes on the mobile eyelid of the eyes. Ideally installed one by one, this trendy practice is carried out with superior quality products in order to preserve the health of our sensitive eyes as much as possible. Depending on the desired result, you have the choice of several shapes and several lengths of eyelash extensions. Ranging from natural to voluminous. Among the most fashionable, we find 4S Lashes, eyelash extensions now available in Guyana and Kourou. The same goes for eyelash extension training dedicated to all those who wish to improve in the field.

In principle, know that well before even applying the eyelashes, the practitioner is required to place adhesive patches under your eyes. To isolate the lower lashes and moisturize the area around your eyes. The eyelash extensions will then be placed one or two millimeters from the very root of the eyelashes. For this, it is customary to use a hypoallergenic surgical glue. To complete everything, the operation is carried out on each of the natural eyelashes, one by one. The effect is almost instantaneous since your eyelashes will have volume, length and curvature.

Eyelash extensions: for whom?

Generally, this technique is for everyone. Indeed, whether you have eyelashes that are too short, eyelashes that are too thin, eyelashes that are not curled enough for your liking or simply if you want to save time in the morning, eyelash extensions are alternatives made for you. Especially since this technique is ideal for all those who dream of having a breathtaking look for a few events. We can cite birthday parties, weddings or even end-of-year celebrations. It is clear that eyelash extensions are perfectly capable of giving the final touch to sober makeup or even highlighting a sublime smoky eye. All this to tell you that regardless of the nature of the eyelashes, everyone is entitled to extensions. As for the duration of an eyelash extension, you need around 4 weeks for sublime eyelashes with an ultra-natural effect.

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