Why choose bone-conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphone technology is a principle that is not that new, as it was already tested in Beethoven’s time. The principle allowed the famous pianist of German origin to continue to compose music despite his deafness. Today, the same principle is used in the design of bone conduction headphones using vibration as the main source of sound transmission.

The principle of bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones use the vibration produced by a sound to transmit it through the jaw bones and temple. 

In other words, the sound does not go directly to the eardrum, it bypasses the latter and goes directly to the inner ear or the cochlear. The use of this technology is a real revolution for music lovers.

It allows you to maintain your eardrums without depriving you of your favorite music. Its use is especially interesting for people with defective or damaged eardrums. It’s simple, by adopting bone conduction headphones, you maintain the health of your hearing.

A headset that connects you to your environment

Unlike headphones and earphones that isolate you from the outside world, bone-conduction headphones connect you to the environment you are in. In addition, compared to the latter, it transmits bass better thanks to the use of the skull bones.

Your road safety is not compromised in any way, because you can hear your music while staying aware of what is happening around you. This technology is already used for the design of hearing aids, and it allows you to experience incredible things that you would not necessarily have thought of.

Simply position it in front of your ears to hear a sound perfectly. The principle seems unrealistic. Yet it works and is better than the collective majority may think. In addition, you are protected from the slightest infection that can reach your ear canal as can be seen with an in-ear headset.

Situations requiring its use

Using bone conduction headphones is for everyone without exception. On the other hand, there are people for whom its use radically changes their lives. This is the case for hearing-impaired people, the principle of stereophony is forward directly toward the cochlea. This reinforces the impact of sound without altering the health of each organ present in the inner part of the ear.

It is also perfect for people who suffer from tinnitus. The technology that embodies it helps reduce the discomfort that tinnitus can cause. Athletes are also among the biggest beneficiaries of the use of this revolutionary accessory. They can easily listen to their music while keeping an ear out for surrounding noise for their safety. One can easily wear protective earplugs while listening to music. This is surely the greatest feat that no headset or earphone can replicate. By combining bone conduction headphones with protective earplugs, the sound quality will be even better.

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