Lighting: everything you need to know!

Luminaires are devices used to filter, transform, or distribute the light emitted by a lamp. They come in several varieties and can be fixed in any bedroom or room.

Besides this main function, luminaires can also be used for other purposes. They are thus capable of protecting certain auxiliary circuits or even enhancing a decoration.

The different types of lighting

With the advent of new technologies and LED lamps, it is possible to find a wide range of lighting fixtures on the market. These are customizable and can light up every room in a house.

In addition, they can appear as objects of art and enhance any decoration. Here are some examples of these essential objects.

The chandeliers

Generally suspended from the ceiling, a designer chandelier is a lamp with one or more chains. It is mainly installed in dining rooms and above tables. In these places, it is recommended to place it at least 1m 60 from the ground.

On the other hand, if you need to install your Designer Chandelier in your living room or a busy area, make sure that it is at least 1.80 m from the ground. Thus, it will be (practically) impossible for anyone to accidentally touch it or break it.

The suspensions

Pendant lights are lighting fixtures used as main lighting in living rooms, dining rooms or the centerpieces of a home. They allow you to enhance classic and sober interiors, but can also adapt to all styles of decoration.

These devices are also customizable and have many heights. It is therefore possible to design them in several models or to make them adaptable to the needs, tastes or desires of consumers.

The wall lights

These lighting fixtures are highly prized for their versatility, quality, and design. They are made of materials such as glass, metal, or even wood.

In addition, they are available in several colors and are often used in addition to central lighting. However, it is possible to use them alone to illuminate certain rooms or places such as corridors.

The spots

The spotlight models available on the market are legion. These are small objects that come in several formats. They are very versatile and can be installed in gardens, swimming pools or even designer rooms.

These objects are, moreover, easily orientable. It is, therefore, possible to install them according to the objects or places to be illuminated. In addition, they can enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces, and create paths in your garden.

How to choose your lighting?

Like other lighting devices, lighting fixtures are not acquired randomly. To make suitable choices, several criteria must therefore be taken into consideration. Mainly, you must take into account the places to be lit as well as the size of the lighting fixtures.

As for the location criterion, the luminaires to be chosen must be able to meet the needs of the rooms in which they are intended to be installed.

Thus, a living room must have functional lighting during the day, but also more subdued or ambient lighting in the evening. In addition, make sure that these lights are sufficiently decorative so that they can add value to these rooms.

Conversely, opt for direct, direct lighting for luminaires to be installed in corridors, entrances or even in functional rooms.

As for dimensions, choose your lighting fixtures by considering the size of the rooms in which you plan to install them. This will facilitate their integration while allowing you to infuse a harmonious decoration into your interior.

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