How much does a professional drone service cost?

The use of professional drones has become very popular for some time. They are much more practical than planes or helicopters. Today, it is possible to use them for all kinds of services and the prices charged can vary from one operator to another. Here are the prices that may apply to professional drone services.

Missions for which you can request the expertise of a professional drone service provider

Several reasons can justify the use of professional drone providers. First, you can contact an expert company to take pictures or make an aerial video report of your wedding, birthday or any event of a festive nature, such as a business seminar, a cocktail departure, or for individuals, a wedding or a birthday. Then, you can use a professional drone for promotional missions as part of your activity.  

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Also, a drone can allow you to produce several sequence shots that you can use for your audiovisual productions, photogrammetry or for other technical services. In addition, you can use a drone to better monitor your fields, your animals or inspect your structures and buildings.

Finally, thanks to a drone, you could create more precise topographical plans to better map a specific space or location. In summary, a drone can be used for any missions, services or activities requiring the use of images and videos. It’s up to you to determine what a drone could be used for.

Prices for a professional drone service

The prices applied for professional drone services are quite disparate. They can therefore evolve from one service provider to another. This is particularly because some companies prefer to charge discount prices because they are unable to compete. Others do this because they operate illegally, in particular offering undeclared work (hidden work). The prices charged by these types of structures do not exceed 250 euros.

However, operations carried out by legally constituted companies are generally worth no less than 450 euros, and this is for half-day photography services. For a half-day video service, the amount of their invoice can vary between 600 and 750 euros. 

Please note that the price of a drone service is not standard, given that service providers most often carry out tailor-made and tailor-made operations. It may therefore fluctuate depending on your requirements, the services requested, the team mobilized and other parameters.

Factors that weigh on the price of airline services

To determine the amount of services they provide, professional drone providers mainly take into account the duration of the missions and the time necessary for their preparation. Added to this are other criteria which have a huge influence on the base prices.

As for the influential factors, you have in particular: the expertise and experience of the teams deployed in the field, the type of aircraft used, its consumables as well as the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment. Other elements such as insurance subscriptions, risk factors (obstacles, overwater, damage, etc.) and administrative authorizations can also influence the price of the services that you will have to pay. You can add to these previous parameters, post-production or post-processing requests, script writing requests and location security.

As you can notice, many factors can make drone aerial services more expensive. However, this should not dampen your enthusiasm and make you abandon the idea of ​​using drones for the needs of your business. The quality of the services offered by the service providers as well as their professionalism largely justify the prices charged. Indeed, these experts are able to provide you with original services which will greatly contribute to the success of your professional activities and events, or on a personal level, to the success of your wedding .

Furthermore, they can apply decreasing rates to you when the missions for which they are requested must take place over several days.

Why are the rates dedicated to airline services often per day?

In France, the rates dedicated to aerial services by drone are often per day and relatively low for takeoff. This is so because professional companies first wish to guarantee quality services to their friendly customers. To do this, they take the time necessary to properly prepare their equipment and to ensure the safety of their team. Also, they take advantage of these daytime services to be able to carry out several takeoffs to produce the best shots or video reports.

Furthermore, by working daily, these expert companies benefit from more time to fully understand the needs and requirements of their clients, to better satisfying them.

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